High School Classes

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the library is unable to accommodate high school classes. Please contact Lesley Mackie if you have any questions.

We welcome high school students working on papers or projects, but when an entire class arrives at once, it puts a strain on Tutt Library resources. For teachers who want to bring classes to the library we ask that you:

  • Contact Librarian Lesley Mackie well in advance about scheduling an information session;
  • Involve your school librarian. In most cases, we prefer to do an orientation session for the school librarian or teacher in advance, and then let you conduct the information session at Tutt Library;
  • Realize that we cannot accommodate your class while CC classes are in session, and will schedule you for one of our block breaks or school vacations (see the Colorado College academic calendar).
Report an issue - Last updated: 01/02/2021