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Submission of Student Theses to Tutt Library

Electronic Submission

Tutt Library requests that students submit their finished theses electronically into Digital CC (the College’s digital archives), so that they can be preserved.  The Library no longer wishes to receive print copies. (Exceptions are made when a department has a compelling reason to continue to submit print).  To read about electronic submission of theses and connect to the Thesis Self-Submission Form, click here.

In addition to text-based theses, Digital CC welcomes videos of Senior Capstone Projects in MP4 format, and audio files in MP3 format.  If you wish to submit a video or audio file as a part of your thesis, contact Sayah Bogard, Digital CC Manager at

Submission of Print Theses

The Library is still binding print theses for personal use, at a charge of $10 each.  Departments that wish to keep a print copy of a student thesis will also be charged $10.  For detailed information on submitting print theses click here.