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Replacement Policy

General Information

  • The cost to all patrons to replace a new, in-print item will be the Amazon price selected by the library plus shipping costs and a $10.00 processing fee. Out-of-print item charges will remain at the default charge of $50.00 (or more) plus shipping costs and a $10.00 processing fee. The library will order replacements from Amazon (or other suppliers) and does not accept replacements from patrons.
  • A $10.00 non-refundable processing fee will be charged to students once the library has sent charges to the College’s Business Office.
  • A replacement charge is refundable if the item is returned in good condition before a replacement copy has been ordered by the library. Refunds will not be made for items returned after one year.
  • Community users must pay overdue fines and a $10.00 processing fee when a billed item is returned.

Costs for Special Materials

The cost to replace material borrowed through Interlibrary Loan or Prospector (including the Center for Research Libraries) varies and may have substantially higher replacement charges. For example, journals borrowed through Prospector from PASCAL have a $400 replacement cost, and the cost to replace a CRL item could exceed $1000.