The Colorado College Bulletin

Summer 1997

Click here for full size cover President's Report: Students and the Staying Power of Liberal Arts
By Kathryn Mohrman
"Those students who choose to come to Colorado College know that education is not just a quick fix, but a commitment, a journey."


"Hey -- Boomer Moms and Dads: WHAT is Going On?": An Essay about the Debt, Deficit, and Generation X
By Walt Hecox '64
"What has happened to reason and compromise, moral and ethical concern for the young, the national instinct to pass on to the future a nation stronger, more resilient?"

Venture Grants: The Essence of CC's Educational Philosophy
By Robert Hill
"The briefest sampling of student-generated projects is intriguingly diverse and imaginative: a research trip to Tanzania to study the spike-heeled lark; to Indiato observe the practices of the present caste system; to Mexico to study its Cathedrals..."

Click here for full-size back cover Dorm Decor
by Leslie Weddell
"A recent tour of CC dormitory rooms reflected eclectic personalities..."

Four Bid Adieu to CC
By Seth Brown '95
"All four of this year's faculty retirees ... agree on the satisfaction afforded by lives spent teaching."

The San Luis Valley Bridge Program
By Kate Hancock
"'The Bridge Program is as much about learning to broaden your thinking as it is about learning math or writing'"-professor John Watkins

Tigers Make Final Four in Great Post-Season Run
By Dave Moross
"Colorado College's young hockey team stunned everyone with an incredible post-season run..."

A Slice of Life from Capitol Hill: Diana DeGette's First Days in Office
By Erika Niedowski
"She never planned to go into politics, and suddenly she has retiring Democrat Pat Schroeder's shoes to fill, an entire staff to hire and a new house to find."


TigerWireCover Photos: From left to right - Top Row: Alison Pierce '99, Munikantha Kulasinghe '97, Diana Smith '98; Middle Row: Emmet Bellville III '98, Tony Phan '97, Kelly O'Brien '98; Bottom Row: Tricia Lewis '00, Clint Johnson '99, Chad Hartnell '97. (A full-sized cover is available.)

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