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Spring 1998

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A Sense of Place
By Robert Hill
"This aromatic, gold-veined, pinon-dotted, cloud-swept, ice-bound, water-shot, wind-wracked, petrified landscape of Colorado has been the elemental laboratory of Colorado College's curriculum."

The Scripture of Maps, The Names of Trees
By Stephen Trimble '72
"In retrospect, knowing where an awareness of trees has led me, I see the discovery of their lives as just as pivotal as any other landmark of maturing."

How the Block Plan Prepared Me for Cancer
By Ian Blake Newman '91
"Tonight I think back to when I was granted the blessing of Jim Yaffe's fiction writing workshop. I remember the well-rehearsed warning lecture Jim delivered from a wingback chair the last day of that miracle time. . . "

The Peace Corps: "The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love..."
By Lani Hinkle '82
"Three alumni -- who now have careers in human services, science and business -- provide a good picture of what CC and the Peace Corps have offered each other through the years. "

Campus Alcohol Policy Designed to Educate
By Robert Hill
"'These students are adults, they're 18, and they're going to make choices about what they want to be involved in.'"

The Miracle of Print
By Sonia Ellis
"Drucker's careful and comprehensive inspection of this Book of Hours seems to follow the 16th-century printer's dictum: tout au long sans riens requerir (translated roughly as 'from beginning to end without leaving anything out')."

A Dramaturge at Large
By Robert Hill
"Davis must regard theater as 'life form,' having breathed, eaten, and slept the profession in myriad capacities for 28 years."

Remembering Jerry Ahlberg '68
By Vicky Gits '68
"In his life he had run a couple dozen marathons, climbed 23,000-foot Mount Aconcagua in Argentina and trekked through Sikkim, a part of India, and the former kingdom of Mustang, now part of Nepal."


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Cover Photograph: Erica Langbecker '97 at Spruce Creek rock glacier near Breckenridge by Stephen G. Weaver, technical director in the geology department. (A full-sized cover is available.)

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