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"Indigenous Colonial Heraldry of New Spain" — Gerardo Gutiérrez


Screening Room
Edith Kinney Gaylord Cornerstone Arts Center, 825 N. Cascade Ave.



In this lecture, Gerardo Gutiérrez, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Colorado-Boulder, explores indigenous appropriation of European heraldry in New Spain. Heraldry was one of the many media used by the early colonial system to expand Catholic iconography and ideology associated with the allocation of symbolic reward to indigenous allies by the Spanish Crown. Gutiérrez received his Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in 2002. He studies how human activities generate political and economic arrangements that are reflected on landscapes. His primary region of interest is Mesoamerica. Current research projects include: a study of the political formation of the Tlapanec Kingdom, its annexation to the Aztec Empire, and its Spanish-era transition and an analysis of the effects of Hurricane Stan in 2005 on the Soconusco region in Chiapas. Other projects include the development of ANTROPOSIG, a website that provides GIS mapping and databases for anthropologists, archaeologists, and historians interested in Mexico and Guatemala. 

"Indigenous Colonial Heraldry of New Spain" — Gerardo Gutiérrez
  • Open to Public: Yes
  • Admission Fee: Free
  • Sponsored By: Devotional Cultures: Spanish Colonial Art in the Southwest is made possible by the generous contributions of the Sheffer Fund for Roman Catholic Studies, the Stillman Fund for Exhibitions, and the Colorado College Cultural Attractions Fund.
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