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Machiavelli's Women and the Imagination


Gates Common Room
third floor of Palmer Hall, 1025 N. Cascade Ave. (east of Tutt Library) (map)



Professor Saxonhouse's research focuses on ancient and early modern political thought. Her previous publications studied how attention to gender enriches our understanding of the political thought of the ancient theorists, how the debts that Hobbes's political thought has to the thought of Machiavelli help us understand the theoretical bases of modern political thought, and how careful readings of the ancient theorists provide previously unexplored insights into the possibilities and limits of democratic theory. Her current work continues the study of how ancient political theory contributes to democratic theory and how gender in Plato's dialogues casts questions on traditional readings of his political thought. 

Machiavelli's Women and the Imagination
  • Open to Public: Yes
  • Admission Fee: Free
  • Sponsored By: McHugh Fund and Political Science
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