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Fearless Friday Seminar - Taylor McNeill


Tutt Science Center Lecture Hall
first floor, 1112 N. Nevada Ave.



Join the Mathematics and Computer Science department this Friday, Feb 8 at Noon in Tutt Science 122 Lecture Hall for another in our series of fantastic Fearless Friday Seminars.  

Taylor McNeill is a candidate for a visiting position next year and will be giving a talk that is accessible to all, no mathematical background required.  

Talk Title
: Twisted Sisters - How a knot becomes a braid

Abstract: What do cancer cells, the sun's corona, and your kid sister's hair have in common? Knots!  In this talk I'll give a brief introduction to knot theory, including a glimpse into its history and applications. After that we'll discuss braids and their correspondence with knots. Finally we'll show that every knot is a braid in disguise. So say "bye-bye" to those tangled earbuds and "hello" to low dimensional topology.

PIZZA will be served.

 G (No mathematical or computer science background required.) 


  • Open to Public: No
  • Admission Fee: Free
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