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Philosophy Colloquium: Alison Jaggar on "We Fight for Roses Too: Time-Use and Global Gender Justice"


Gaylord Hall
main floor of Worner Campus Center, 902 N. Cascade Ave.



Alison Jaggar, a University of Colorado-Boulder Professor of Distinction in philosophy and women and gender studies, will deliver the Philosophy Department's Block 4 Colloquium Series lecture entitled, “We Fight for Roses Too: Time-Use and Global Gender Justice.” Professor Jaggar is a pioneer in introducing feminist concerns into philosophy and in establishing the discipline of women and gender studies.

Professor Jaggar’s recent work introduces gender as a category of analysis in the philosophical debate on global justice. Currently, Jaggar is a member of "Fempov," a multidisciplinary and international research project whose aim is to produce a new poverty standard or metric capable of revealing the gendered dimensions of global poverty. In addition, she is exploring the potential of a naturalized approach to moral epistemology for addressing moral disputes in contexts of inequality and cultural difference.

Her lecture will address the fact that women across the world work longer hours than men who are otherwise situated similarly, analyzing worldwide gendered time-use disparities in terms of global gendered exploitation.  This alternative analytic framework, she will argue, better enables identifying those who are politically responsible for the injustice and points in the direction of a more gender-just future.

As a founding member of the Society for Women in Philosophy and a former president of the American Philosophical Association, Jaggar has taken a lead role in working to improve the global status of women. She works in the areas of contemporary social, moral, and political philosophy, often from a feminist perspective.

Philosophy Colloquium: Alison Jaggar on "We Fight for Roses Too: Time-Use and Global Gender Justice"
Alison Jaggar, CU-Boulder
  • Open to Public: Yes
  • Admission Fee: Free
  • Sponsored By: Philosophy Department and Feminist & Gender Studies Program
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