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Student Trustee

Dear Students,

My name is Elliott Williams and I use he/him/his pronouns. I am a Political Science major, with a particular interest in Political Philosophy and Theory. I am involved on campus as a director and former cast member of Relations, a forward on the Cutthroat Rugby Team, and a four-year member of the Student Title IX Assistance and Resource Team (START). I have also addressed gender-based violence in the Colorado Springs community as a volunteer at TESSA and an intern at the El Paso County Domestic Violence Problem Solving Court.

The responsibilities of the Student Trustee are twofold: to be a liaison between the Board and Students and to be a full voting member of the Board. As a liaison I will both share the many perspectives of students with the Board and share the work of the Board with the student body. I plan to attend all CCSGA full council meetings and work closely with engaged students to facilitate this transparent communication.

The main focus of the Board of Trustees is long-range and strategic planning for the College. Our work includes managing the endowment, approving the cost of tuition, and hiring the president. Thus, as a Board member, it is also my responsibility to ensure that CC can offer an accessible, high quality liberal arts education for generations to come.

I invite you to please stay engaged through my Student Trustee Instagram page and to email me with any questions, ideas, or just to introduce yourself! Thank you for your time. I look forward to working with you this year.


Elliott Williams


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