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College-wide Policies For Staff

Below is an alphabetical list of policies. If you know a word in the policy's title, type it in the box below and suggestions will appear. If you would like to see a brief summary of the policies suggested, click in the box to the right of the search box.

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  • Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy

  • Access to and Confidentiality of Personnel Records Files

  • Advancement Database Usage

    The college commits to safeguarding sensitive information for its constituents, protecting a relationship of trust with donors, alumni, students, and friends.

  • Anti-discrimination Policies and Procedures

  • Bicycle, Motorized Scooter, In-line Skate and Skateboard Policy

  • Campus Dog Policy

    Pilot for the 2015-16 academic year; to be reviewed June 2016.

  • Code of Ethical Conduct and Conflict of Interest

    All members of the Colorado College community share a commitment to serve as stewards of the traditions and resources of Colorado College (“CC”). Therefore, consistent with our moral and legal obligations, CC requires all individuals associated with CC to act in good faith, with ordinary care, and in the best interests of the college.

  • College Policy Adoption and Administration

    This policy outlines the process for adopting and administering college policy.

  • College Sponsored Community Service

  • Colorado College’s Online Community (“Our CC”)

    This policy outlines terms and conditions for use of Colorado College’s online community. The terms and conditions are required by the vendor that provides the online community software. The terms and conditions serve to protect the vendor and the college and to define acceptable conduct by users of the site.

  • Data Access Policy

    This policy attempts to clarify how electronic data residing on college systems is the property of Colorado College, but that the privacy of faculty, staff, and students will be respected.

  • Distribution of Printed Materials and Solicitation

    In order to ensure that our campus maintains an environment that does not disrupt students’ learning experience or employees’ ability to perform day-to-day operations, Colorado College has established expectations for distribution of materials and solicitation on our campus.

  • Drug-Free Campus and Workplace

    As a condition of receiving federal financial assistance, institutions of higher education must certify that they have adopted and implemented a program to prevent the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by its students or its employees on its campus or as part of any of its activities. Colorado College complies with this requirement and, equally importantly, believes...

  • Education Assistance Program

    Colorado College provides four different education assistance programs for eligible employees, retirees and their dependents. An Education Assistance Program Application form must be completed to participate in any of the four programs; forms are available on the human resources website

  • Email and Network Account Expiration Policy

    In keeping with the college’s responsibility to ensure policies and procedures are in place that will minimize the disclosure of private information or the unwanted release and distribution of sensitive data, these guidelines outline procedures on the termination of employee network accounts.

  • Family Medical Leave

  • Financial Aid Refunds and Return of Title IV Funds

  • Freedom of Expression

    As a private institution, Colorado College is a voluntary association of persons invited to membership with the understanding that they will respect the principles that govern the college. Freedom of thought and expression is essential to any institution of higher learning. Uncensored speech — which does not include a right to harass, injure, or silence others — is essential in an academic community...

  • Gift Administration Policy

    Colorado College (“the college” or “CC”) appreciates the role that charitable giving plays in the college’s ability to achieve its mission. To that end, contributions and gifts from alumni, faculty, staff, the community and other friends of the college are important for strategic initiatives, the annual fund, and comprehensive campaigns. Administration of gifts is performed in accordance with all...

  • Information Security Policy

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure the protection of Colorado College’s information resources from accidental or intentional access or damage while also preserving and nurturing the open, information-sharing requirements of its academic culture.

    This policy is applicable to all students, faculty, and staff and to all others granted use of Colorado College...

  • Information Technology Change Management Policy

    This policy defines how changes are made to the college’s IT technology, including servers, network, applications and data. When this policy is followed, the risk of incidents is reduced and the integrity of the business operations and reporting is preserved. Without policy formality, the risk of incidents would be higher and accountability for IT changes would be insufficiently documented. Change...

  • Inspections, Searches, and Confiscation

    Colorado College respects the privacy of its students, faculty, staff, and students. However, in order to provide a safe academic, living, and working environment, the college may engage in inspections and perform searches of college property. These activities may be necessary for reasons of health, safety, or when there is reasonable belief that violation of college policy or state/federal law has...

  • Leave - Parental Involvement

  • Leave Policy: Personal Time for Non-Exempt Staff

  • Long-Term Disability

  • Naming Policy

    Naming of facilities and programs is a way to honor distinguished alumni, donors, and friends of Colorado College. This policy is established to support a consistent methodology that ensures that all naming practices reflect the college’s purpose and mission.

  • Nepotism in Employment

    College employment should be based solely on human-resource needs and individual qualifications, skills, and performance. Therefore, the college maintains that employment should be free from familial relationships that may create the appearance of conflicts of interest (real or perceived), introduce uncertainty in regard to loyalty, or hint at favoritism*.

  • Nursing Mothers/Break Time

  • Outside Employment for Staff

  • Parental Leave and Parental Medical Leave

    Eligible employees will be granted paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child. • The purpose of Parental Medical Leave is to provide a birth mother with time off for childbirth and to bond with the child. • The purpose of Parental Leave is to provide a mother, father, domestic partner, or adoptive parent with time off to bond with a newborn or newly adopted child. • It is the intent of this...

  • Privacy and Release of Student Education Records (FERPA)

    Under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), otherwise known as the Buckley Amendment, the privacy of educational records are protected. As such, Colorado College has expectations in place regarding access to those records and release of information from those records.

  • Procurement and Purchasing

    Procurement and purchasing activities support the educational and research objectives of the college. Accordingly, individuals across campus are involved in purchasing goods and services as well as entering into contracts on behalf of the college. This policy and these procedures provide assurance that purchases are made in the best interests of Colorado College and in compliance with any external ...

  • Records Policy: Retention and Disposition of Records

    Records created, received, or used by Colorado College in the course of its operations and activities are retained and disposed in manners that support the operational, administrative, and legal expectations of the institution. The objective of this policy is to establish a Records Management Program that allows Colorado College (“the college” or “CC”) to meet the college’s internal operational needs...

  • Red Flag Rules

    Several federal agencies including the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Federal Trade Commission were charged with jointly issuing guidelines for financial institutions and creditors regarding identity theft with respect to their account holders and customers. This group was also responsible...

  • Severe Weather Policy

    The college’s tight scheduling under the Block Plan makes it imperative that classes and supporting operations be maintained during severe weather insofar as prudently possible. Unless advised to the contrary by media announcements, students, faculty and staff will be expected to maintain normal class, office, and other operations as scheduled.

  • Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Sexual Violence Policies and Procedures

    The Colorado College believes that students, faculty, and staff have the right to be free from unwanted sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual violence, including but not limited to: unwanted verbal or written conduct of a sexual nature; unwanted physical conduct of a sexual nature; and sexual assault. The College believes that students, faculty, and staff have the right to be free from similar...

  • Sick Leave and Supplemental Leave for Staff

  • Signage, Fundraising, and Distribution of Materials at Campus-Wide Events

    Colorado College campus events are planned to celebrate the CC experience, renew friendships, build new relationships and foster continued engagement with the community. Colorado College campus-wide events are intended to educate, rather than be a vehicle for alumni, students and/or outside organizations to promote personal agendas.

  • Signature Authority for Government Grants

    Colorado College requires that all of its government-funded proposals and awards be executed by authorized individuals. Through the Colorado College Purchasing and Procurement Policy, the President has vested the Dean of the College with the institutional authority to approve state and federal proposals and accept award agreements and any subsequent amendments on behalf of Colorado College that support...

  • Smoking Policy

    Colorado College is committed to providing an environment for students, faculty, staff, contractors, and guests that is conducive to learning, healthy, and comfortable. Therefore, the college will maintain balance between affording non-smokers with protection from involuntary exposure to environmental smoking and expectations that may be perceived as attempts to manage the conduct and the choice of...

  • Student Fundraising

    Students may only raise funds in the college’s name using the college’s 501(c)(3) IRS determination for purposes that are appropriate to the mission and needs of the college. This document defines college policy for students’ fundraising appeals to donors external to campus in the college’s name.

  • Vacation Leave and Accrual

  • Veterans Readmission

    In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, the college will comply with expectations related to readmission of students with absences necessitated by service in the uniformed forces*.

  • Victim Protection Time

  • Violence, Threats, and Weapons

    Colorado College is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is safe, respectful, and conducive for learning and working. Accordingly, the college will not tolerate or condone violence. Each member of our community has an obligation to ensure that our campus is free from intimidation, threats, hostility, violence, and weapons. The student guide, the Pathfinder, defines violence as...