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College-wide Policies


Responsible office
Responsible party
Phil Apodaca
Last revision
June 2014
Approved by
Dean's Office
Approval date
June 2014
Effective date
June 2014
Last review
June 2014
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All financial and administrative policies involving community members across campus are within the scope of this policy. If there is variance between departmental expectations and the common approach described through college policy, the college will look to the campus community to support the spirit and the objectives of college policy.


First-year and transfer students select their first two courses (Blocks 1 and 2) by mail during the summer or fall (for January transfers). During New Student Orientation Week, students meet with their academic advisers to review their choices. Then, during Block 2, first-year and transfer students select courses for the remainder of the academic year.

In March or April, two weeks are set aside for pre-registration (course enrollment) for the coming academic year. During this period, students meet with their advisers to plan their academic programs for the next year. Also at this time they may discuss a choice of major and vocational possibilities and review their academic progress. Students must declare a major before registration for the junior year.

Students are responsible for entering their pre-registration (course enrollment) online on any computer with internet accessibility, before the end of the pre-registration period. An 80-point, sealed-bid system will determine who is enrolled in courses and who is placed on the waiting lists. Students will be put on the waiting list for a course when their point distribution fails to get them into the selected course. Students are responsible for completing all necessary listed prerequisites for any course; failure to do so may result in an automatic drop from the course by the registrar’s office or the instructor. Failure to adhere to prerequisites may jeopardize the student’s ability to perform at the level expected in the class.