Leadership Philosophy

The vision of leadership at Colorado College is that it is the privilege of every member of our community to lead in each role and position. For us, leadership means pursuing opportunities and assuming responsibility to advance the college's mission.

CC leaders work collaboratively and demonstrate respect for diverse opinions and experiences. We exhibit a practical wisdom, which balances high aspirations with an open and effective approach to offering solutions. CC leaders listen well and consider the impact of actions on others. Keeping the mission of the college at heart, CC leaders generously provide guidance, support, and praise.

At Colorado College, our philosophy of leadership grows out of our core values:

  • honor the life of the mind as the central focus of our common endeavor;
  • value all persons and seek to learn from their diverse experiences and perspectives;
  • practice intellectual honesty and live with integrity;
  • serve as stewards of the traditions and resources of Colorado College;
  • nurture a sense of place and an ethic of environmental sustainability;
  • encourage engagement and social responsibility at local, national and global levels;
  • seek excellence, constantly assessing our policies and programs.

Leadership Characteristics

The leadership philosophy gives rise to the following leadership characteristics, which guide our continual improvement. CC leaders are:

Courageous - Make difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions with conviction and confidence when facing challenging situations and then follow these decisions through to implementation.

Engaged - Act positively and optimistically. Exude enthusiasm and energy and inspire others to action. Strive to continuously further knowledge and abilities while actively supporting others' intellectual and professional development. Actively demonstrate support for college initiatives and engage in concrete steps to achieve desired outcomes.

Innovative - Use all available information to foster new, creative, and thoughtful solutions. Enhance strategic thinking with intentional problem solving.

Open - Convey ideas openly and effectively. Listen well and seek to understand. Develop constructive partnerships and approach dialogue in an honest, professional, and respectful manner. Respect differences among people and foster an inclusive environment. Adjust to changing conditions and balance high aspirations and practical solutions. Foster trust in all situations and embody a spirit of generosity toward others.

SelfAware - Appropriately express emotions and understand their impact on others. Strive to understand others and use effective strategies to create successful working relationships.

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