Campus Initiatives

Never an institution content with stasis, Colorado College maintains a continual charge toward bettering itself as an institution for all members of its community. Looking to our illustrious past as a guide and our future as an opportunity, we at Colorado College are proud of the initiatives we've taken and look forward to their implementation in the months and years to come.

The Colorado College Plan: Building on the Block

Liberal arts colleges are facing important questions about how to educate the next generation of students in this era of global change, technological innovations, new approaches to engaged learning, continued economic challenges, and increased competition for the very best students and teachers.

At Colorado College, we have looked closely at the various challenges, opportunities, and areas for further investment, while also taking stock of our strengths, especially the Block Plan, our distinctive place of learning, and our national reputation.

Because of our position of strength, our strategy at Colorado College is simply focused on being ourselves, but even better. That means focusing on quality.

Our strategy is to strengthen our core, to enhance what we already do.

The following recommendations are designed to help us realize this strategic direction.

  • Provide additional support to realize the potential of our pioneering Block Plan.
  • Build both a nationally recognized summer program and an inventive half-block program for a new generation of learners.
  • Create an innovation institute.
  • Enhance our distinctive place of learning - our campus - to support our engaged, globally connected academic program and embody our regional and historical identity.
  • Focus on workplace excellence to foster an organization that is as innovative and dynamic as the CC academic experience.
  • Help students to build connections across diverse communities, disciplines, and academic and co-curricular experiences, and to link their CC education to their future aspirations.
  • Integrate the Fine Arts Center and develop a national model of distinction for an arts center that joins with a college to serve the campus, the community, the region, and the world
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