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Students, Faculty and Staff Resources

Paul Buckley and his team at the Butler Center are charged with helping to drive positive change for the college, with a particular student focus.

Diversity and Equity Advisory Board

The Diversity and Equity Advisory Board serves as an advisory group to the president and the cabinet on all matters related to diversity and equity regarding staff and faculty. The board promotes and nurtures an inclusive campus culture that values different backgrounds, experiences, ideas and opinions, recognizing the various intersections of identities that make up the CC community. Its work helps ensure that the college addresses on a continuing basis all of the possible implications of the protections as stated in our anti-discrimination policy statement.

Student Resources

Vice Provost Pedro de Araujo and Colket Center Director Traci Freeman are resources for students regarding curriculum.

Faculty/Staff Resources

The members of the Minority Concerns Committee and the Women's Concerns Committees are participating in new training and are now serving as members of the Diversity and Equity Board.

For faculty, Jane Murphy, Associate Dean Mike Siddoway, and Associate Dean Emily Chan are resources, and Dean Chan has the distinct charge of leading new initiatives.

For staff, in addition to the standing committees, Staff Council representatives for each division and the three co-chairs, Erica Hardcastle, Arielle Mari, and Denise Sheridan, also are charged with institutional problem-solving.

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