James Hutchinson Kerr Papers, Ms 0081

Finding aid created February, 1985; updated 2007 by Adam Stater; small but important addition made in 2010 (see Box 1, Folder 10).


James Hutchison Kerr was born in a stone farmhouse near Chambersburg, Pa., August 30, 1837. He was the eldest child of John Alexander Kerr and Eliza Jane Hutchison, both of Scottish descent. In 1845 the Kerrs moved to Laurel Valley Farm near Oxford, Pa. (According to our records, Kerr is pronounced "care"; CC trustee Brian Thomson, '85, great-great-grandson of James H. Kerr, confirmed this in 2013.)

After receiving a public school education, James H. Kerr attended Turner Seminary in Chester County, Pa. He completed the 3 year civil engineering course at New London Academy, Pa. His father and grandfather had both been trustees of the Academy, the latter, serving for over fifty years.

At the age of 18, Kerr was engaged as an assistant civil engineer for the Pennsylvania Railroad. For his work as an "instrument man" he received $30 per month. After four months Kerr resigned over a wage dispute.

During the next six years Kerr occupied himself with teaching for five months out of each year. The remainder of the year he spent traveling from one institution to another studying chemistry, metallurgy, mining and geology, under the direction of Dr. James Patterson, President of Westminster College, Pa., Dr. Orville Dewey of Rochester, N.Y., Dr. James Hall of Albany, N.Y. and Professor James D. Dana of New Haven, Conn.

In 1861 Kerr entered the classical department at Yale. On April 17th or 18th, 1865 during his senior year he was arrested by a U.S. marshal who mistook him for John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's assassin. During the same year, while still at Yale, Kerr served as head of the department of Meteorology and Physics in General Russell's Military Academy at New Haven, Conn. Through Profs. Thomas A. Thatcher and James D. Dana, Kerr received an appointment as Assistant Geologist of Mexico. Because of the apparent instability of the Maximilian government, however, he refused the appointment.

In 1865 after graduating from Yale Kerr went to Missouri to take charge of the Jackson Academy. He organized the Fruitland Normal Institute at Pleasant Hill, the forerunner of the Cape Giradeau Normal School, and served as its principal for six years. At the same time Kerr was appointed superintendent of public schools of southeast Missouri, conducting teacher's institutes during vacation periods for the Mississippi Valley States.

In 1866 Kerr married Miss Mary Ella Spear of Jackson, Missouri. He wrote of her "by birth she was a Missourian, by environment a Confederate enthusiast, by ancestry on paternal side, a Pennsylvania Scotch Covenanter; on maternal side a Virginia French Hugeunot." They had three children, Helen May, born Nov. 10, 1867 (married Henry Myron Blackmer) and Guy Manning, born May 20th, 1870 (married Bertha Thompson), and Marie Louise, who died in infancy in 1886.

In 1874 James brought his family to Colorado Springs where he became interested in Colorado College. In August 1875 he was appointed professor in charge by President James Dougherty. The following November he organized classed is assaying, chemistry, metallurgy, geology and mining. He and Mr. S.C. Robinson rented a 2 story frame building on the north side of Pikes Peak Avenue for the extravagant sum of $16.00 per month. A museum was located in the front part of the lower story; Kerr's assay affice and part of the chemical laboratory were in the back. The second story housed the mining and metallurgical school which became the Mining and Metallurgy Dept. of Colorado College in 1880 under Prof. William Strieby.

In June 1876 Kerr was elected by the trustees of Colorado College as professor of Chemistry and Geology. He served on the board of trustees from 1880 1891.

From 1876 to 1899 Kerr was occupied as mining and metallurgical engineer erecting four reduction plants in Central America, seven in South America, and eleven in Mexico. He claimed to be the first engineer in Leadville, Co.

In 1883 Kerr was elected to the Colorado Legislature where he served a two year term. The same year he built a beautiful home on the corner of Platte and Tejon in Colorado Springs. With the lot, which he had bought several years earlier for $5,000, the house cost $30,600. Five years later, the El Paso Club of Colorado Springs purchased the property for $25,000.

During the same period Kerr collaborated with friends John Hulburt and Edward E. Nichols to build railroads in the Pikes Peak Region. The Pikes Peak Railway and Improvement Company was formed to build a railroad to the summit of Pikes Peak. The venture was a failure, and the extent of Kerr's actual involvement in other ventures is uncertain.

In 1888 Kerr left Colorado Springs temporarily and went to Mexico, beginning a lengthy series of ventures in Latin America. In 1899 while visiting Germany Kerr's wife suffered a paralyzing stroke. The following spring the two returned to Colorado Springs where they took up residence in Glockner Sanatorium.

While living at Glockner and attending his disabled wife, Kerr spent his time tutoring high school and college students in math and science, giving occasional lectures, studying and writing. During his later years he kept scrapbooks into which he copied correspondence, pasted clippings and photographs, brochures, and programs. He was interested in a wide variety of subjects, and expressed his opinions freely in the notebooks he kept so diligently. Kerr favored public schools, income and inheritance taxes, and woman suffrage, and opposed capital punishment, and U.S. involement in World War I. He also recorded much genealogical and autobiographical information, as well as historical information about Colorado Springs and Colorado College.


1837 Born August 30 in Chambersburg, Pa.
1854 Attended Turner Seminary.
1855 Assistant civil engineer for Pennsylvania Railroad.
1856 Attended New London Academy in Pennsylvania.
1865 Graduated from Yale
1865 Became superintendent of schools, Cape Giradeau, Missouri
1866 Married Mary Ella Spear.
1869 Opened Fruitland Normal Institute
1874 Arrived in Colorado Springs
1875 Professor in charge at Colorado College
1878 M.A. Yale
1880 91 Trustee of Colorado College
1883 Member of Colorado General Assembly
1883 Built house at corner of Platte & Tejon
1883 Mexico and Central America
1883 President, Pike's Peak Railway and Improvement Co.
1888 Sold home to El Paso Club
1900 Arrived at Glockner Sanitorium
1919 Died June 10 in Colorado Springs


The collection consists of 1 box containing folders and 15 volumes (some of them boxed). The volumes are journals and scrapbooks kept by Kerr primarily during his later years at Glockner Sanatorium. They contain photographs, clippings, correspondence, brochures, copies of letters, and articles he wrote. Extensive correspondence with Edward Payson Tenney is included. The entire collection covers a wide variety of subjects including current events, poetry, biography, religion, education, and more. There is also information concerning local history and the history of Colorado College.


Box 1

Folder 1 Writings of James Hutchison Kerr 10 items: "Notes Relating to the Colorado College Land Co" 2 copies; "The Pioneer Days of Colorado College"; "When Colorado College Was Not in Flower" 1904; "What's in Progressive Woodpile?"; "The Social Unrest and a Remedy" Jan. 16, 1916; "Reviewing Childhood Days at 75" Aug. 30, 1912; "A Pessimist"; "Ramblings Among Historical Data, relating to Louisiana and Mexican Possessions" 1912

Fd 2 Miscellaneous Fragments 3 items

Fd 3 "Letters to Classmates" 1905 and June 1, 1915 2 items

Fd 4 Correspondence from James Hutchison Kerr to M.D. Ormes 4 items

Fd 5 Correspondence from Winthrop D. Sheldon to J. H. Kerr 6 items

Fd 6 Correspondence from James Hutchison Kerr to E. P. Tenney 21 items

Fd 7 Correspondence to James Hutchison Kerr, 1886 1908 9 items

Fd 8 Miscellaneous writings 3 items

Fd 9 Clippings 12 items

Fd 10 ADDITION made in 2010: photocopies of materials from the Pikes Peak Library District's Kenneth Englert Papers, MSS 1221, Box 4, Folder 15: 8 page typed manuscript of 'James Hutchinson Kerr and Colorado College, a paper read November 23, 1962 before the Ghost Town Club of Colorado Springs by Julia Lipsey' along with about 50 pages of Lipsey's notes and transcriptions from the Kerr volumes in CC's collection, mostly concerning a controversy around CC President William Slocum's "relations with women," including statements about Slocum's behavior from Maude S. Bard (later wife of Professor Edward Warren), Jean Auld, Harriet A. Sater, Irma K. Persons (wife of Professor Warren M. Persons), and Florence Leidigh

Ms 0081.1 (labeled VOL I on spine): A Record Consisting of Biographical, Genealogical and General Data Relating to the Pioneer Work and Workers in Colorado College and to the Kerr Hutchison and Co Families, (Vol. 1), 1910 1911. Contains partial index, correspondence, photographs, clippings. 305 pages. Principal subjects: Colorado College, Manitou, E. P.; Kerr Hutchison genealogy

Note: these large leather bound volumes were apparently given to Colorado College in 1949 as directed by Kerr in a note inside Vol. I. Vols IV, V, VI, VII, and VIII were to be given to the Pioneer Museum.

Colorado College clippings, etcetera
Give Us Your Story, 1909 p. 14
Colorado College Landmarks p. 16
Early College Trustees, 1910 p. 18
Gray Hairs Lie. Don't Destroy Papers. 1909 p. 25
Head Master in His Department, 1909 p.29
A Pluralistic Universe, 1909 p.30
Not Writing Textbook. Thought Revolution. 1909 p.31
The Students Whisky. Prof. Barlett And I In The Liquor Business. 1909, p.33
President Tenney And His Work. Professor Marden was Mistaken. 1909, p.36
The Pilgrim Fathers. 1910, p.41
Take Heart. Did Right . My Own Critics. Got Even. 1910, p.43
A Ramble. 1908, p.47
Death Of Professor Marden. 1908, p.51
The Heretic And His Mission. 1908, p.53
Explanations. 1907, p.57
How I Came To Write: "When Colorado College Was Not In Flower." 1908, p.59
Long Ago Days. Bottom Facts In A New Light. 1908, p.63
Pioneer Students. 1908, p.71
Archeology. 1907, p.73
My Wife's Birth-Day. 1907, p.74
Suspense. Advice. Professor Hitchcock. Professor Longfellow. 1907, 75
Heart To Heart. 1907, p.78
The Otherside. 1907, p.82
Is Only The Thought Of The Cony. 1907, p.84
Books And Fads. 1911, p.86
Striebly-Humphrey-Hutchinson Genealogy. 1911, p.88
First President Of Colorado College. P.90
Candle Light Party, For Pioneers. 1911, p.91
Harvard::Yale::Dartmouth::Princeton. 1911, p.91
To A Huntsville Alabama Lady. 1911, p.92
A Professor's Possible Shortcoming. 1911, p.94
When My Father Refused $200,000.00 p.112
Some Experiences. P.150
Knows Europe, p.151
In The By-Ways, p.152
Skin-Color, p.152
In London, P.154
Don't Be Afraid, p.154
Hot Times, p.155
Holdups, p.156
A Quarrel, p.157
Hard Times, p.160
A Pessimist, p.162
How Did She Know? P.163
With The Caravan, p.165
Conditions Not Ideal, p.166
Other Trials, p.168
A Brave Sweetheart, p.173
Sequel, p.175
The Value Of An "r." p.176
An Easy Way To Start Trouble, p.178
Sequel, p.180
Looking Back at 72, p.180
Foto To Colorado College, p.181
Death Of John Fulton. 1910, p.182
Introducing Hon. C.W.Hutchinson. p.183
Was It Love? P.184
Give Us Your Story. 1909, p.185
On Receiving Announcements Of Marriage. 1909, p.185
Another Announcement. 1910, p.186
Is It You Dickerman? 1910, p.187
Another In Heaven. 1910, p.189
Our Forebears. 1910, p.190
The Home Betrayed. 1910, p.192
65th Anniversary Birthday. 1907, p.195
Sister Sadie. 1910, p.198
Children Of James Hutchinson And Mary Ella (Spear) Kerr. 1911, p.224
The Spear Family. 1910, p.226
The Battle Of The Sinkhole. 1910, p.237
The Williams Family, p.257
The Waters Family, p.259
The Criddle-Smith-And-Co-Families. P.261
John And Elizabeth (Smith) Criddle And Their Descendents, p.272
The Scruggs Family, p.294
The Watt Data, p.337
Psychic Treatment For Psychic Diseases. 1908, p.338
Double Consciousness. 1908, p.341
The Great Roosevelt Tunnel. 1908, p.342
He Wore Pants, p.343
Thought-Roving, On The Way To The Southern Cross. 1908, p.343
Side Lights On Mexico. 1907, p.346
The Adirondacks Fifty Years Ago. 1907, p.348
Seventieth Birthday Anniversary. 1907, p.350
25th Anniversary Of Dr.Greg's Pastorate. 1907, p.351
The Municipal League Ticket. 1907, p.352
The Constitution Of The U.S. 1907, p.353
A Reminiscence. 1906, p.355
Beautiful Years. 1907, p.357
The Glory Of Greece. 1907, p.358
Rev. James Patterson, D.D. 1907, p.362
Finding Happiness, p.363
A Prettier Name Than Annie Laurie. 1908, p.364
Benson, And A Study Of Latin And Greek. 1907, p.365
Didn't Know Kansas City Was So Old. 1908, p.367
Find What We Look For, p.367
Don't Forget The Boys. 1910, p.368
Lost Among The Living. 1908, p.369
Suggestions. 1908, p.370
Charity, p.372
The Farcical Convention. 1908, p.373
Pioneer Days. 1908, p.374
Wordspread At The Funeral Of R.B. Taylor. 1908, p.375
In Missouri Forty Years Ago And More. 1909, p.377
Public Schools, p.379
The Power Of An Idea, p.382
Superhuman Work, p.382
Reply To A Wedding Invitation, p.383
Juan's Last Story, p.384
My Wife's Invitation To Jamestown Tercentenia, p.389
The Teacher's Case In Colorado Springs. 1907, p.390
Teacher's Salaries. 190, p.391
Contrasts In Social Progress. 1907, p.392
Uebermensch. 1907, p.393
A Suggestion. 1907, p.394
Kerr-Glenn-Seawright, p.395
Ancient Refusals. 1910, p.397
Keep Step Together. 1909, 398
Doing The Work. 1909, p.399
The Melting Pot. 1909, p.401
From 336 B.C. To 30 B.C. 1909, p.404
An Appeal. 1909, p.405
A Faithful Probation Officer. 1908, p.407
The Probation Officer. 1908, p.408
A Confession. 1908, p.409
Sniffling. 1908, p.410
Yale. 1909, p.411
My First School Day = Experiences. 1910, p.413
Playgrounds And Play. 1910, p.414
A Teaching Method. 1910, p.416
Militant Masonry. 1910, p.417
Personal Credit. 1910, p.419
Virginia And Missouri Hutchinsons. 1910, p.420
More: Hutchinson Data, p.422
To The Old Home. 1910, p.423
Were Not Revolutionary Soldiers, p.426
Patiently Waiting, p.426
Jefferson Notes, p.427
Politics. The Girl I Left Behind. 1910, p.429
A Delicate Appeal For More Light. 1910, p.433
The Initiative And Referendum. 1910, p.446
A Brother's Message. 1910, p.450
Bertha And John In Hawaii. 1910, p.453
The Juvenile Unfortunates. 1910, p.462
A Good Pupil. 1910, p.462
Karl Friedrich Causs. 1910, p.463
The Passing Of Sister Eliza J. (Spear) Woods. 1910, p.364
When I Fought For Germany. 1910, p.365
Day's Mathematics. 1910, p.469
On Call: A Plain Statement. 1910, p.472
New England Has Something. 1910, p.474
The Clan Of Kerr. 1911, p.475
How Ella Received The News. 1911, p.478
Wilson Notes, p.479
Stewarts. Kerrs. Sword-Cane. 1911, p.481
Grumbine's Scientific Demonstrations Of Immortality. 1911, p.485
Letter Of Encouragement. 1911, p.488
Use And Abuse Of Liquor, p.489
Humphrey and Co-Families. 1911, p.492
Joseph Fulton Humphrey Data, p.495
If Things Start For The Devil, Don't Get In Front Of Them. 1911, p.496
Prohibition Days In Colorado Springs, p.499

Ms 0081.2 (labeled VOL II on spine): A Record Consisting of Biographical, Genealogical and General Data with Copies of Miscellaneous Papers and Letters, (1911 1912. Contains partial index, correspondence, clippings, photographs, maps. Principal subjects: family history, E. P. Tenney, Leadville mining, Crystal Park Auto Road, Jonathan Edwards, Caledonian Society, letters from Frank Loud at end.

Pioneer Society Meeting. 1911, p.1
Prohibition At The Bar, p.2
The Problems. 1911, p.4
Twittings. Initiative-Referendum Imbroglio. 1911, p.17
On A Card. 1911, p.19
Commissioner A.L. Lawton, p.21
Looking Backwards. 1911, p.22
The Historic Outlook In S.E. Missouri. 1911, p.28
Note. 1908, p.30
A Valuable Genealogical Letter. 1911, p.31
Genealogical Items. 1911, p.35
An Introduction. 1911, p.38
Notes From Mrs.Hewitt Letter. 1908, p.39
Gov. Woodrow Wilson Dinner, In Denver. 1911, p.40
Children Of David And Mary Watt Of Scotland And Descendents, p.41
To Become A Daughter Of The Revolution. 1911, p.48
Tete-A-Tete With My Niece. 1911, p.50
A Brother, Young More Than 70 Years. 1911, p.53
Our Son's Forty First Birthday Anniversary. 1911, p.54
Henry Bergson's Creative Evolution, p.55
Thought Ramblings. 1911, p.56
Note On Card, p.57
The Yale Stadium Question. 1911, p.58
On Hearing Of Stimson And Wenner. 1911, p.59
Colorado College. 1911, p.60
The Diploma And The Outlook. 1911, p.61
Man The Present Upper Limit In Evolution. 1911, p.62
Note, p.63
Ninth Birthday Anniversary. 1911, p.64
Back To The Farm. 1911, p.65
The Fulton Family, p.66
The High-Heeled Shoe, p.72
Wrecked, p.75
The Humphrey Family, p.76
The Sexual Question. 1911, p.77
Associate Church, p.80
Psalmody, p.82
An Outline Of The Kerr, Hutchinson, Watt, Wilson, Fulton, Humphres Families. 1911, p.83
When My Father Refused $200,000.00, p.93
The Shipwrecked. 1911, p.103
Beyond The Sea. 1911, p.104
Homesteading For Health. 1911, p.106
The Pioneer Recall. 1911, p.107
To Remove Wrinkles, p.107
Mrs. John Hicks, The Traveler. 1911, p.112
Philistine And Genius By Boris Sidis. 1911, p.113
Eightieth Birthday Anniversary. 1911, p.114
The Invitation. 1911, p.115
Dogmas, p.116
Post Script to letter on pg. 115, p.121
Outline Of The "1685" Kerrs. 1911, p.123
Colorado College, p.133
Dunklin Family Notes. 1911, p.134
The Dunklins, p.143
Gov. Daniel Dunklin's Family. 1911, p.148
A Pupil And A Dunlkin. 1911, p.148
Letter From Prof. W.H. Ficklin. 1911, p.157
Cunninghams and Cobeans. 1911, p.159
The Crystal Park Auto Road, p.162
The Cunningham Family, p.164
The Dunklin Family, p.170
The Wilson Family, p.172
Birthday Anniversary. 1911, p.176
Genealogical Notes From Gettysburg. 1911, p.183
The Pioneer Women, College Helpers. 1911, p.186
Judge W.H.B. McFerran, p.191
Caledonian Society. 1911, p.202
Watt and Cobean. 1911, p.203
A Call For Help. 1911, p.209
Pioneer Women. 1911, p.215
Suggestions In Training Son. 1911, p.224
Oh, The Missourians! P.226
A Card. 1911, p.236
Recall Of Judges, p.244
The Opportunity. 1911, p.245
Notes From Isaac L. Rice's "What Is Music?" p.246
The Historical Society Of Pennsylvania. 1911, p.248
The Turn To The Infinite. 1911, p.249
An Unsolved Problem, p.256
The Theatre. 1911, p.259
Rouse Family. 1911, p.264
Lillian, p.265
Peer Gynt, p.266
45th Anniversary Of Wedding. 1911, p.268
Civic Progress, p.270
Our Forty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary. 1911, p.273
Annual Colo. Yale Asso. Dinner. 1911, p.276
Where I Find Happiness. 1912, p.277
"Women, Back To Kitchen And Nursery," p.278
The Subconscious, p.280
Shall I Sleep? 1912, p.291
The Stoic Self-Control By Law, p.292
A Pessimist, p.294
Art And The Environment. 1912, p.295
Fountain College Comp, p.304
To George Kerr, MD, P.H.D. 1912, p.306
The Wage Workers, p.308
Notes From The New Realism And The Old. 1912, p.315
"Roosevelt Turned Down," p.324
Cobean-Watt-Orr Families. 1912, p.326
The Watt Family And Others. 1912, p.328
Matters Tabooed. 1912, p.332
Dr. Winthrop D Sheldon's CL. Report. 1912, p.352
Education Chaos. 1912, p.355
The Religion That Counts. 1912, p.357
An Open Letter, To The Pioneers Of El Paso Country Colorado, Their Descendents and Friends. 1912, p.362
From A Heretic Of Fourscore Years, Less Five. 1912, p.366
A Friendly Note. 1912, p.367
AT The Parting Of The Ways. 1912, p.368
Notice And Thanks. 1912, p.374
My Work And Politics. 1912, p.375
A Wedding Message. 1912, p.377
On Receiving The Fotos On Page 374. 1912, p.379
Coburn Library Book Club. 1912, p.394
The Pioneer Minutes. 1912, p.395
Westminster College. 1912, p.396
The Voters, p.400
Some Suggestions To A Young Man. 1912, p.402
Criddle Genealogy. 1912, p.404
Criddle Notes. 1912, p.405
Saving The Party. 1912, p.406
Republican Voters, p.413
Egeria. 1912, p.415
Republican Voters, p.416
The Rump Delicates, p.418
The Kerr Clan, p.420
Pen Ramblings. 1912, p.422
The Backlook And The Outlook. 1912, p.426
For The Sake Of Its Spirit. 1912, p.432
A List Of Donors To The Golden-Wedding Fund, p.457

Ms 0081.3 (labeled VOL III on spine): A Record Consisting of Biographical, Genealogical and General Data with Copies of Miscellaneous Papers and Letters relating to the Spear Criddle Smith and Co Families, 1909. 1912 1918. Contains correspondence, clippings, photographs (volume contains 225 pages; text on 46 pages)

Reviewing Childhood Days at 76. 1912, p.1
Thought, p.5
Come With Me. 1912, p.6
The Memorial And The Homeland. 1912, p.7
They Must Be Somebodies. 1912, p.8
To A Classmate. 1912, p.8
Gave Us Mothers And Himself. 1912, p.9
For Preservation in Commandary's Arcives. 1912, p.18
Note From Self-Sufficiency by Susanna Geraft, p.21
Aspire For Service And Not For Gold. 1912, p.23
Notes On Criddle Genealogy. 1912, p.25
Copy Of Letter Containing Criddle Data. 1912, p.37
Some Houston-Criddle Data. 1912, p.41
Congratulation To Pres. E.P. Tennes. 1912, p.44
Among The Equations. 1912, p.45
A Card. 1912, p.47
Suggestions. 1912, p.47
Caledonian Society. 1912, p.48
Inquiries Answered. 1912, p.49
Note, p.50
Political Confession. 1912, p.52
Testimonial. 1912, p.52
Voter-Citizens, p.54
The Philosophy Of Relativity. 1912, p.55
Word For Word Copy Of Knights Of Columbus Oath, p.59
On The Return Of A Book. 1912, p.62
Organizing Progressive Club. 1913, p.63
Thank You. 1913, p.66
Keeping Young. 1913, p.67
Those Letters. 1913, p.69
Note. A Hutchinson In Ireland. 1913, p.71
Sick Room Smiles, p.73
"Where Gilia Blows Her Horn." 1913, p.74
Yale Friend. Cl. Of 62. 1913, 77
An Explanation. 1913, p.80
The Mayor Colo. Springs Needs, p.81
A Woman For Commissioner. 1913, p.82
Note Of Appreciation. 1913, p.84
Sympathy. 1913, p.84
Congratulations. 1913, p.86
The Services Of Women. 1913, p.87
Success At Yale. 1913, p.88
Comrade. 1913, p.88
The Social Derelicts. 1913, p.89
Mark Twain And Margaret Blackmer, p.91
Inching Along. 1913, p.96
Death, p.97
We Millionaires, p.98
Congratulations. 1913, p.101
The Napkin. 1913, p.101
Cattlemen And The Herd's Soul. 1913, p.104
To Wilbur J. Wigner. 1913, p.105
Note. 1913, p.106
To My Only Living Sister. 1913, p.106
New Magazine. 1913, p.108
Colorado College Comment. 1913, p.109
My Wife's Sister. 1913, p.109
A.B. Congratulations. 1913, p.110
"Science," p.110
The Workman's Responsibility. 1913, p.111
A Card. 1913, p.111
Farewell. 1913, p.112
Join A Labor Union Now, p.113
Queen Master Of Arts Colorado College. 1913, p.114
The Slocum Years. 1913, p.115
The Time To Write, But Not To Publish. 1913, p.117
Fairy Music, p.119
In Memoriam, p.119
A Reply To Kind Words. 1913, p.120
Proposed Monument, p.122
Note. 1913, p.123
An Itemized Bill, p.123
A Hint And Business. 1913, p.124
Man Above Property. 1913, p.125
From Pioneers Up, p.127
A Love Note, p.128
Roving Thoughts To A Brother. 1913, p.130
That Poem. 1913, p.135
Health And Pioneer Monument. 1913, p.136
Some Notes And Definitions, p.137
The Unity Of Consciousness, p.137
The Hills, Worthy To Enter The Stratton Home. 1913, p.138
Greeting Words. 1913, p.139
That Proposal Letter. 1913, p.140
The Foto. 1913, p.142
Good News. 1913, p.144
45th Anniversary In The Ministry. 1913, p.146
Honored By The Pioneers. 1913, p.147
Dues. 1913, p.149
Answer Request For Pioneer Data. 1913, p.150
Do Your Best. 1913, p.151
Death Of John Harrison Criddle. 1913, p.152
A Little Rose Cast Into A Living Lap. 1913, p.154
Hutchinson Of Center & Northumberland. 1913, p.155
Dreams and the Angel Dream. 1913, p.156
Friendly Note. 1913, p.158
To A Pupil In The Long-Ago. 1913, p.159
Death Of John N. Hutchinson. 1913, p.161
Words In Sympathy and Love. 1913, p.162
The Storm And _. 1913, p.163
The Passing Of Another Pioneer. 1913, p.164
Xmas Words. 1913, p.165
Odds And Ends. 1914, p.166
R.R. Corporation Indifference. 1914, p.170
Police Woman, p.171
Note In Sympathy. 1914, p.173
Class Review. 1914, p.180
Watch And Pray, p.183
More Beans, p.187
A Wooden Road, p.187
Human Uplifting. 1914, p.188
A Little Chat. 1914, p.189
Some Words Of Friendship. 1914, p.192
That Cancer. 1914, p.193
The Hutchinsons. 1914, p.194
The Social Struggle, p.195
Mother Jones, p.196
Origin Of Quotations, p.197
Victor Polant, A Boy Of Great Promise. 1914, p.198
Socialism. 1914, p.200
Origin Of First Cong. Ch. At Colo. Sprs. 1914, p.202
An Announcement, p.203
The Persecuted. 1914, p.204
Odd-And-Ends. 1914, p.205
President Wilson's Mexican Policy, p.207
Paris Missouri Hutchinsons. 1914, p.209
The Indians Of The Pikes Peak Region. 1914, p.210
Wherein Related. 1914, p.211
What's A Standpatter?, p.211
Missouri Hutchinsons. 1914, p.212
Looking Backward. 1914, p.214
A Wooden Road, p.216
Friend Of Man, p.216
Bad Air, p.217
The Toast And Legend. 1914, p.224
Tower Of Ivory. 1914, p.226
Mrs. Lamb's Request, p.227
Some Step Must Be Taken. 1914, p.228
Notes From Legends Of The Pike's Peak Region, p.229
On The Waters Towards The Gates Of Heaven, p.229
The Healing Fountain And Pike's Peak, p.230
The Tax Question. 1914, p.237
Single Tax, p.238
The Capital And Labor Conflict, p.239
The Men Of Forty-Nine. 1914, p.240
The Legend Of The Ivory Tower, p.241
Without Todying, Justice, p.242
The Capitalist Side, p.244
The Labor Side, p.245
Property Of A Trust, p.248
Golden Sympathy. 1914, p.250
Crisis In Constitutionism, p.255
The Veil Of Mayo. 1914, p.259
Mark Twain's War Prayer, p.259
Colorado Springs' Greatest Snowstorm, p.260
Sympathy For The Poor, p.264
Notes From Higginson's Cheerful Yesterdays, p.265
World Building, p.266
Sam Walter Foss. 1914, p.267
Psychology Of Play, p.269
Psychology Of Work, p.270
Rockfeller Statement. 1914, p.271
Colorado College. 1914, p.272
John J. Kerr's 12th Birthday Anniv. 1914, p.281
Note Of Sympathy. 1914, p.283
Some Friendly Explanations. 1914, p.284
"Women Often Shed More Blood." P.286
The Disappointment. 1914, p.288
Our 1st Home In Colorado Springs. 1914, p.289
Don't Deprive Me Of My Orthodoxy. 1914, p.291
Reply-Card. 1914, p.293
About Leasing Coal Land. 1914, p.295
Wilson Is Theorist, p.296
What Is Evolution, p.297
Another Causs. 1914, p.298
Villa And His Comrades, p.299
Taxation, p.300
Talk On Mexico. 1914, p.302
Drama In 36 Nutshells. P.302
To Sister Sue. 1914, p.303
Standard Tone Theory. 1914, p.305
War And Copper, p.305
The Bijou And Huerfano Bridge-Wrecks, p.306
Mrs. Garsten, p.307
Cleanthes, The Stoic's Prayer, p.308
A Business Confession. 1914, p.309
Note, p.311
War Notes. 1914, p.313
To A Pupil. 1914, p.314
Hutchinson Data, p.317
The Lamb Biographical Sketch. 1914, p.317
Topics, p.318
Our Children. 1914, p.319
Silence And Meditation, p.320
State Prohibition, p.321
Man Rights' Lesson From Colorado, p.322
An Uncompromising Protest, p.324
Doubt, p.324
Not Spoils, But Human Uplift, p.325
The Criddles. 1914, p.326
Mrs. Ely, p.327
To A Classmate. 1914, p.328
Poor Mexico! P.331
A Letter Of Sympathy. 1914, p.333
The Business Men's League, p.334
The Prohibition Struggle. 1914, p.336
Pioneer Data, p.338
Let Us Progressives Make One. 1914, p.341
Principle Above Pelf, p.441
Thanks. 1914, p.342
Business In The Saddle, p.344
The Real Perjurers And Criminals, p.345
Those Whisky Ads, p.346
Save Us From Those Who Prey, p.347
What's In Progressive Woodpile? P.349
A.F. and A.M. Tribute To Edward W. Frost, p.350
Joseph Conrad, p.351
Commercialism, p.352
The Foundation Of Liberty, p.352
Notes And Advice. 1914, p.353
Those Russian Jew Pupils. 1914, p.355
Letter Neither Published Nor Returned. 1914, p.356
The Disciplinarian. 1914, p.357
A Mere Scrap Of Paper. P. 259
A Confession And A Statement. 1914, p.367
German Philosophy, p.368
Miss Emily Gresser. 1914, p.370
The King And The Men Born Blind, p.370
Not Discovered. 1914, p.371
Where Are Her Descendents? 1914, p.372
Problem, p.372
Willing But Helpless. 1914, p.373
A Fool, p.373
To A Pupil. 1914, p.374
That Aged Letter, p.375
Culture, p.375
Summary of The Geology of The Colorado Springs Region, p.378
The Logic of Fanaticism, p.380
The Brutish in Man, p.381
Miss Ella 1914, p.381
Cheer Words, 1914. P.385
Helpful Thots, 1914. P.386
Toileters, Listen. P.387
Mother, 1914. P.390
The Creed of Mitarism, p.391
Some of Life's Pointers, 1914. p.395
Voluntars Retirement, 1914. p.396
The Out West P. and S. Company, 1914. p.397
Hating a Man, 1914. p.400
The Scottish Maiden, p.400
At The Stake, p.400
An Appeal to The Governor of Colorado, 1915. p.401
Mrs. Mary Tenneyhatch, 1915. p.403
Germany and Old Home, 1915. p.404
The Bliss of The Years Not Forgotten, 1915. p.406
Hearing Jennielind, 1915. p.408
Labrea Discoveries, 1915. p.410
To A Yale Classmate, 1915. p.411
My Illness in 1912-1915. p.413
An Appeal For Osteopaths, 1915. p.418
A False Theory, p.419
To A Tracing Card, 1915. p.420
A Plea For The Osteopath, 1915. p.422
A Plea for Justice, 1915. p.424
A Joy-Word, 1915. p.425
Was Seventy-Five, p.425
The Gowns And the Fullers Sisters, 1915. p.428
The Fotos, p.429
To A Faithful Nurse, 1915. p.430
Life of Man, p.431
Wilson Note, p.433
To a Heretic: Birth-day Congratulations, 1915. p.434
Birthday Congratulations, 1915. p. 435
Departure of Mrs. James Gillies, 1915. p.436
The Doxology, p.436
The Kaizer and God, p.437
To My Friend, Artist of Cortland, N.Y., 1915. p.438
Kerrs of Hamilton, VA, 1915. p.440
Notes, p.441
Human Rights, 1915. p.442
A Note That Was Squeezed, 1915. p.446
Prof. John Dewey's Philosophy, p.448
Dostoyeffsky, p.449
Notes From Maeterinck's Philosphy of Life, p.450
From Maeterinck's Life of The Bee, p.452
Road To Peace, p.455
What Is A Christian? P.455
The Death of Elsie Raymond, 1915. p.457
The Rapfs, p.461
Letter To A Little Indian Girl, 1915. p.462
Send A Kiss To Mary, 1915. p.464
Candidate for Board of Education, 1915. p.473
City of Quito, South America, 1915. p.473
The Kerrs of Va, 1915. p.475
Sent Kerr Data, 1915. p.477
A Family Call, 1915. p.485
To An Old Pupil, 1918. p.493

Ms 0081.4 (labeled VOL. IX on spine): Record and Scrapbook Relating to the Pioneers of El Paso County, Colorado and United States West of the Mississippi, ca. 1883 1884. 1914 1916. Contains clippings, correspondence, brochures. (Primary interest is the Pikes Peak Railway) Principal subjects: Pioneers of El Paso County

Ms 0081.5 (labeled VOL. X on spine): Record and Scrapbook with Copies of Miscellaneous Papers and Letters, ca. 1863 1875. 1916. Contains also material from 1915, correspondence, clippings, photographs on education, brochures, religion and politics, and clippings of Kerr's own writings. Principal subjects: Union Printers' Home, world events

A Friend To Man, p.1
Dues And Financial Statement, 1915. p.2
Adonis and Venus, p.3
That Booklet, 1915, p.4
Abyssinia, on The Land of Preseter John, p.4
Semi-Centennial Letter to Yale Classmates, 1915. p.5
The Responsibility of Nurses, 1915. p.16
Russia, p.17
Rules of The Theater, p.18
They Are Dying, p.19
Yale and Class of 65', p.19
To Class Historian, 1915. p.20
Notes From Science and History, p.22
Answer to Letter on Page 507, 1915. p.23
Two Types of Effort, p.26
Credit For Work, 1915. p.28
Hot Shot, p.31
Algebraic Tests, 1915. p.32
Final Solution of The Knowledge Problem, 1915. p.33
Prosperity Today, p.36
The Drama, p.37
Where Hell Is, p.41
Application For Enrollment, p.42
On Receiving Invitation, 1915, p.43
Treatment Suggestions, 1915. p.47
Jefferson Data, 1915. p.50
The Stars Will Shine Brighter, 1915. p.55
Boycott Legalized, 1915. p.60
Story of Colorado, 1915. p.61
The Mormon Bishops and Yale, 1915. p.62
Welcome To Classmate, 1915. p.64
To A 3-Year Student In Dresden, 1915. p.65
Utah Data, 1915. p.67
Traffic In Absolutes, p.68
Pseudo-Idealism, 1915. p.69
The Foto and _, 1915. p.71
On Receiving Cloudy News, 1915. p.74
Damn Them As Easy As You Can, 1915. p.75
Introducing Mr. Darney, 1915. p.76
Germany Vs. France, p.78
The Proposal, 1915. p.79
A Testimonial, 1915. p.80
Let There Be Light, 1915. p.81
To Truth, p.81
Attack On The Glockner, p.82
Capital and Labor, p.83
Rambling Class Thoughts, 1915. p.84
Spear Family, p.92
Words of Appreciation, 1915. p.101
Religion, p.102
The Vedanta, p.104
What Is Religion, p.104
Dogmas, p.105
Searching For The Lost, 1915. p.107
Plato's Prayer, p.107
John R. Lawson, p.108
The Prayer of The Oppressor, p.109
Brother George, p.111
The Human Outlook, p.113
The Gorsedd Prayer, 1915. p.116
Annie Laurieorr and Mathematics, 1915. p.117
Open Letter to Mayor McKesson, 1915. p.118
A Larger Field, p.120
An Appreciation, A Request and A Word, 1915. p.125
Our Great Wealth, p.125
Some Kerr or Kaer Data, 1915. p.126
The Word of The Master, p.131
Recalling By-Gone Years, 1915, p.133
80th Birthday Congratulations, 1915. p.139
Woman Suffrage in Colorado, 1915. p.148
To The House of Bertha and Guy, 1915. p.150
William Blake and Catherine, p.152
Regretting, 1915. p.156
The Immanent in Nature, p.159
Prehistoric Data Sought, 1915. p.160
Eras Worth Studying, p.166
Our Healers or Heelers, p.167
Remove The Causes, 1915. p.184
A Privilege of The Rich, 1915. p.186
Is Another Haymarket Trial Taking Place? P.187
The Transcendental Theory of Knowledge, p.188
Mother, Helen, Guy Manning and John, 1915. p.193
The Capturers of Jefferson Davis, p.195
The Christmas Letter, 1915. p.198
My Blessed Discouragements, 1915. p.200
Thanks and A Little Revelation, 1915. p.203
The Second Coming of Christ, 1915. p.206
Tariff Problems, p.209
Aphorisms, p.209
A Month After The Burial of Brother George, 1915. p.210
Still With The Scots, 1915. p.212
Seasonal Thoughts, 1915. p.213
Then And Now, p.214
To Yale Men, Let there Be Light, 1915. p.215
Sympathy, 1915, p.216
The Track of The Morning Mist, 1915. p.217
Words and Love, 1915. p.207
Prehistoric Breton Memorials. P.223
Love and Life, 1915. p.225
Another Proposal, 1915. p.226
A Kiss, p.226
Eaters of Fern Seed, p.228
Commissions and Omissions, 1915. p.229
Testimonial, 1915. p.230
Accompanying Note, 1915. p.230
Grandpa Talks To John, 1916. p.231
Appreciations, 1916. p.233
Keats, p.233
Unvarnished Facts, 1916. p.234
Mary Bernice Williams, 1916. p.236
Foster-Dyer Pioneer Inquiries, 1916. p.236
Castles in Spain, p.237
Note of Sympathy, 1916. p.238
Adventures in a Perambulator, p.239
Scotland, p.239
Copy of John Alex Kerr's Will 1889, p.241
The Social Unrest and A Remedy, p.245
In Appreciation of Oscar, 1915. p.261
To A Very Bright Pupil, 1915. p.262
To Yale Class Secretary, 1916. p.267
The Problem of Unlocking The Atom, 1916, p.270
The Social Unrest And A Remedy, p.272
Buzzard's Trip-Story to Colorado Springs 1862. p.275
Second Ltr. To Doctor Blackman, p.277
That Book-Bill, 1916. p.285
On Request for Bill, 1916. p.286
The Great Confusion, 1916. p.287
The Social Unrest and A Remedy, p.289
To Sit for Portrait, 1916. p.290
When We Bowed to Colorow, p.302
A Socialist Circular Letter, 1915. p.311
Backward Looking, 1916. p.312
Thanks and Psychotherapeutics, 1916. p.314
To A Poor Woman in Stratton Home, 1916. p.317
Foes and Friends, 1916. p.318
A Little Gossip, 1916. p.320
Classifying Novels, p.344
The Poor Pussy In The Corner Story, 1916. p.345
Settling Up Father's Estate, 1916. p.349
Thought Steps, 1916. p.351
Old Age, p.352
Take Heart, 1916. p.353
Hate, p.355
The Glockner Sanatorium, p.356
The Happiest Days of My Life, p.358
An Appreciation, 1916, p.365
The Wife, p.368
When The Lights Are Burning Low, p.371
A Water-Color, p.372
Revelations, 1916, p.374
A Criticism and A Help-Word, 1916. p.383
To The Man, Who Was Too Honest To Be A Millionaire, 1916, p.385
My Wife's Foto of 1883, p.393
Place of The Old Stone Age In The Earth's History, p.395
Sowing Cheer Seed, 1916, p.402
Well Wishes, 1916, p.402
The Last Word, 1916, p.409
Dare You Publish It? 1916, p.410
A Suggestion, 1916, p.410
Nature and Scotch Stubbornness, 1916, p.415
Caring For Church Members At Stratton Home, 1916, p.416
An Appeal and Its Results, 1916, p.427
Criddle Genealogy, 1916, p.429
Their Golden Wedding, 1916, p.432
A Watch In The Night, p.433
Plain Talk, 1916, p.437
Miss Sweeney's Card, 1916, p.438
The Recallings of an Old Foto, 1916, p.439
Mexico and the Predatory Interests, 1916, p.444
To A Favorite Cousin, 1916, p.445
The Kerry, Kaers, Caers, of Carrs, 1916, p.450
Death of A Territorial Pioneer, p.454
Occupational Therapy, 1916, p.456
McClymont Notes, p.461
Note of Appreciation, 1916, p.462
A Help Plea for Eugene G. Watson, 1916, p.463
Mrs. Inez Lewis For County Superin, 1916, p.465
No A Noble Yale Classmate, 1916, p.468
Butting In, 1916, p.472
Who Has Mr. Tenney's Papers? 1916, p.473
Not Orthodox, 1916, p.474
Note, p.475
To An Inspiring Teacher, 1916, p.478
Locating An Oil Well Near Calhan, 1916, p.480

Ms 0081.6 (labeled VOL. XI on spine): Record and Scrapbook Relating to the Pioneers of El Paso County, 1916 1918. Contains clippings, and miscellaneous printed materials. (a few study notes, most pages are blank) Principal subjects: World events, Pioneers of El Paso County

Ms 0081.7 (labeled VOL. XII on spine): A Record and Scrapbook with Copies of Miscellaneous Papers and Letters, 1879 1891. (Vol. XII), 1916. Contains correspondence, clippings, photographs Principal subjects: Pres. William Slocum, Colorado College

Woman, p.1
An Appreciative Acknowledgement, 1916, p.3
To Become A Mason, 1916, p.4
Candidate for Re-Election, 1916, p.4
A Plain Talk, 1916, p.5
Sanitarium, or Sanatorium, 1916, p.6
Notes From Philosophical Review, 1916, p.14
Mrs. Inez Johnson Lewis, For Re-election, 1916, p.16]
Preparing Statement, 1916, p.19
A General Statement Relating To Oil Probabilities in Eastern El Paso County, CO, 1916, p.20
Accompanying Note, 1916, p.28
A Pioneer Appeal, 1916, p.29
Forty Years After, p.39
Is Fair-Play Jilted, p.39
Notes From The Truth Problem, 1916, p.41
Going Away From Home, 1916, p.59
The Lost Letters, 1916, p.61
The Pioneers of Over 50 Years Ago, 1916, p.74
Irish Sayings, p.75
My Vote, And Why? P.77
Voters, Don't Be Caught Napping, p.78
Saflty Firsty, p.80
Unsatisfaction Prospectus, 1916, p.81
Work Done, p.83
Pioneer Memories, p.87
To A Charming Pupil, 1916, p.88
Saying and Thoughts, p.89
Days of Long Ago, 1916, p.90
Grandson of Grandfather's Partner, p.98
The Passing of A Friend, 1916, p.107
The Rich Robbing The Poor Man's Hen Roost, 1916, p.110
Mrs. Inez Lewis, p.117
Words of Appreciation, 1916, p.118
Election Day, 1916, p.119
A Recommendation, 1916, p.120
Is It A Misunderstanding, 1916, p.129
The Four Dominant Instincts, p.131
Golden Wedding Anniverary, 1916, p.134
Key To Happiness, p.136
The Olden Days in Colorado, 1916, p.138
To An Old Old Friend, 1916, p.139
To A Jewess, 1916, p.142
Lincoln Steffin's Lecture On Mexico, 1916, p.143
Sympathy for Mexico, 1916, p.146
That Health Report, 1916, p.147
December 7, 1899, 1916, p.148
The Call of A Card, 1916, p.149
To My Successor, As Professor In Charge, Colorado College 1876, 1916, p.152
To A Musical Tuberculosis Friend, 1916, p.156
Scattered Thoughts, 1916, p.161
To A Cousin of The Younger Set, 1916, p.165
How It Happened and What Happened, 1916, p.168
Our Golden Wedding Anniversary, 1917, p.179
In A Classmate Tangle, 1917, p.181
Meeting Mrs. Gregory of Norwalk, OK, 1918, p.182
The Drama League, 1917, p.185
Kay's West Indies and Panama V, 1917, p.186
To Visit The Keeton Ranch, 1917, p.199
Hoi Polloi Money, 1917, p.201
Economic Questions, 1917, p.202
Elotation Process, 1916, p.214
The Theory, p.217
Preferential Flotation of Galena and Blende, p.218
Auto-Biographical And _Wife, 1917, p.219
Suggestions and Cheers, 1917, p.229
What's In The Woodpile? P.232
Cannot Modify My Original Report, 1917, p.234
Gold, p.235
To The Grand-daughter of My Favorite Uncle, 1917, p.241
Married, May 1, 1917, p.247
Pioneer Data, p.248
Lissauer's Hymn of Hate, 1915, p.255
Birthday Letter, 1917, p.256
Selenium, 1917, p.259
The Machine, p.260
Path to Reform From Within Outward, p.261
Reviewing The Years, 1917, p.262
Commencement, 1917, p.264
Finger Prints, 1917, p.265
For City School Manager, 1917, p.267
They Traded Wives, p.269
Monroe Street Crossing, 1917, p.274
Parson's Dismist To Please Slocum, 1917, p.275
Why Street R.W. Around Colo Col. Campus, p.280
To Gratify A Selfish Longing, 1917, p.281
An Apology, 1917, p.281
The Clairvoyant Ordinance, p.282
News Varn Shland Otherwise, p.283
Colorado College Situation, 1917, p.285.
To My Wife's Friend, 1917, p.286
Fredrick F. Slocum, p.291
To The Trustee of Colorado College, 1916, p.291
Copy of Signed Document in Possession of Faculty Group, p.294
Supplement of Miss Bard's Statement, p.295
A Former Secretary of The President's, p.297
Agreement between Pres. Slocum and the members of the Faculty Listed Below, p.301
Mrs. Slocum's Accident and Mr. Slocum's Assinity, 1916, p.302
A Dangerous Animal To Be Loose, p.304
Statement Made By Dean Edwards S. Parson, p.305
Call To Make an Oil-Field Survey, 1917, p.312
"Central Park at Midnight," 1917, p.313
Hodge Podge, 1917, p.315
Farewell, 1917, p.322
Excursion. Ruins. 1917, p.323
The Cliff Dweller Trip,1917, p.324
A Welcome To Some Straight Goods, 1917, p.325
Farewell To The Scottish Rite, 1917, p.326
Thanks and Thot Rovings, 1917, p.328
Indian Question Studied Anew, 1917, p.330
To An Aged Friend, 1917, p.331
We Miss You, 1917, p.334
Annual Letter, 1917, p.335
From The Heart, 1917, p.336
To A Blind Inmate In Stratton Home, 1917, p.337
Xmas Greeting, 1917, p.338
Remarks, 1917, p.338
The Tragic Crisis In The Tragedy of Hamlet, 1917, p.339
Mabel Atkinson And Her Credit, 1918, p.343
The Mathematical Credits, 1918, p.344
Including Colorado College Statement, p.347
Colorado College, 1918, p.350
Food Value of Corn and Beans, p.351
Thanks and A Dream, 1918, p.352
Back In Old Missouri, 1918, p.353
Words of Sympathy, 1918, p.356
The Resignation of Noyes, 1918, p.357
In The Stink-Pots of Hell, 1918, p.359
Attempted Holdup, 1918, p.360
Why America Is In The War, p.361
A Testimonial, 1918, p.362
To An Invitation, 1918, p.371
To A Pioneer, 1918, p.372
The Only Practical Key, 1918, p.378
Familiar Chat, 1918, p.380
Golden Wedding Congratulations, 1918, p.382
A Reply, 1918, p.383
Burning German Books on Fourth of July, p.384
David M. Ruth's 7 Memory Lessons, 1918, p.385
A Dangerous, Unseen Power, p.386
An Explanation, 1918, p.389
A Correction, 1918, p.391
The Gorsedd Prayer, 1918, p.392
"Me and Gott," 1918, p.394
The Social Welfare, p.395
Notifying That Her Souvenir Vol. Is Finished, 1918, p.396
Something Trustful, 1918, p.401
Invitation To a Musical Recital, 1919, p.402

Ms 0081.8: Ledger, 1881 1882. 1880. pp. 1 20 and 23 60 torn out; pp. 83 337 blank; Financial information, pp. 72 82. Concerns mining interests in Custer County

Ms 0081.9: "A Record Consisting of Biographical, Genealogical and General Data Relating to the Pioneer Work and Workers in Colorado College and to the Kerr Hutchison and Co Families", (ca. 1907 1911. Journal, Dated Aug. 12, 1881. "Victoria Property" on cover. Includes journal entries concerning work done at Victoria Mine, Rosita, Custer County, Colorado. Principal subjects: Custer County, Colorado: mining

Vol. 10 "A Record Consisting of Biographical, Genealogical and General Data, With copies of Miscellaneous Papers and Letters" Vol. II, 1911 1912. Scrapbook, 1859 1873. Contains clippings, some of articles written by Kerr. Principal subjects: issues of the day e.g. capital punishment, woman suffrage, etc. Also includes "popular wisdom".

Vol. 11 "A Record Consisting of Biographical, Genealogical and General Data With Copies of Miscellaneous Papers and Letters (vol. III), 1912 1915. Notebook, ca. 1882 1884. Contains clippings, correspondence. Principal subjects: Pikes Peak Railway

Ms 0081.12: "A Record and Scrapbook Relating to the Pioneers of El Paso County, Colorado and United States West of the Mississippi" 1914 1916. Index Rerum, 1864.

Ms 0081.13: Autobiographical, Genealogical and Pioneeral Sketches and Data, 1916.

Reviewing Childhood at 75, 1912, p.6
The Dear Old Home, p.8
Youngest Sister, p.9
Our Father, p.10
Conclusion, p.12
When Colorado College Was Not In Flower, p.14
A Preparatory School, p.17
Entrance Examination, p.17
The Writer Entered, p.18
President Dougherty, p.18
National Distress, p.19
On The Ragged Edge of Despair, p.19
After A Storm At Sea, p.20
D Russ Wood, p.21
No College Atmosphere, p.22
Later Members of Faculty, p.22
But Let Us Not Forget, p.23
Our Ex-President E.P. Tenney, p.24
Colorado College, p.25
Childhood Days, p.26
A Part of This I Was, p.26
My Unique Position, p.26
Subjects Taught, p.27
My Resignation, p.28
Was Elected Professor of Chemistry and Geology, p.28
My Salary First Year, p.28
Willingness to Help Financially, p.29
Tenney's Task A Thousand Times Greater Than Slocum's, p.30
The Night Revelry, p.31
A Detailed Record of Sacrifices, p.32
Am Proud, p.35
To Fellow Citizens, p.35
To The Alumni, p.35
I Like To Think, p.36
The Pioneer Days of Colorado College, p.37
Editorial Sketch, p.37
The Pioneer College Story, p.40
In The Beginning, p.40
The Inspiration, p.40
Inducement Offered, p.41
Locating Colorado College, p.42
From Colorado Springs Gazette, p.42
The Shake Up, p.44
James Hutchinson Kerr, p.45
Mining School, p.46
Professor Winthrop D. Sheldon, p.47
Miss Emma Bump, p.48
Miss Eloise Wickard, p.48
President Edward P. Tenney, p.48
An Appeciation, p.51
Shame, p.51
Tenney's Land Scheme, p.52
Professor Frank H. Loud, p.52
Walter Wilder, p.54
The First Spike, p.54
Mr. Tenney's Letter on Receiving Advanced Sheet of The Above Article, p.56
A Welcome, and Also Some Colorado College Straight Talk, p.58
My Interest Exceptional, p.59
The Resignation of Noyes, p.60
Professor Parson's Dismissal, p.61
Economic Questions, p.64
Our Children To The Rescue, p.65
Our Joy In Unselfish Work, p.65
He Nudges Me, p.66
To Illustrate, p.66
Had Front Seat, p.67
I Realize, p.68
The Business Era, p.69
Taxes, p.69
Will Scranton, p.70
I Condemn, p.70
John F. Dryden, p.70
Dryden in Need, p.71
The Only Capitalist, p.71
Poverty, p.71
Dryden To Keep Faith, p.72
The Old Order Changeth, p.72
I Am An Optimist, p.73
An Unpopular Man, p.73
Capital Punishment, p.75
Initiative, Referrendum and Recall, p.75
The Public Schools, p.75
Income and Inheritance Taxes, p.75
Collective Bargaining, p.76
And Now, p.76
Thanks For Home News, p.76
Rev. George Wenner, p.77
Asked To Visit Our Son, p.77
His Advancement, p.78
If I Had Not, p.78
Auto-Biographical And Wife, p.79
Data, p.79
Landed, p.80
The Outlook, p.80
What I Had Learned, p.81
On The Way To Jackson, p.81
In Jackson, p.82
My New Home, p.82
My Sympathies Are Aroused, p.82
Work Begins, p.82
My Pupils Not All Gentlemen, p.83
Horrible!, p.83
Important Dates and Fact, p.83
Fruitland Normal Institutes, p.84
Fruitland, p.84
It Was Well, p.85
My Greatest Life-Crisis, p.85
She Got It, p.86
Points In The Contract, p.86
Our Golden Wedding, p.87
She Hopes, p.87
Her Longing, p.88
An Appreciation, p.88
A Larger Vision, p.88
Some Time It May Delight You, p.89
Letter To Yale Classmates of '65
Am The Oldest In '65, p.90
The Yale I Know, p.91
Not Much Left of Old Yale, p.91
My Return In 1896
My Joy From A Yale Awakened Past, p.93
E.H. Wilson's Room, p.94
E.H. Wilson, The Man, p.95
The Unvarnished Facts, p.95
More Light, p.96
Young Hadley, Now President, p.97
Hadley's Grammar, p.97
An Old Sweet-heart And What Happened, p.98
The Gorsedd Prayer, p.98 '
Robert Porter Keep and Charles Kimberly, p.99
John L. Ewell, p.100
To An Alumni Invitation, p.105
My Earliest Days In Philosophic and Constructive Activity, p.106
Victor Polant, p.108
Colorado Springs Pioneer Days, p.109
Prices Current August 1, 1892, p.112
The Colorado Springs Gazette, p.114
From Joseph Fulton Humphrey, p.114
The River Storm of 1885, p.114
Rose Kingsley's Visit, p.115
Reminiscing, p.118
A Proposition and What Became Of It, p.118
His Return to Colorado Springs, p.119
Expensive Conservatism, p.119
A Boosting Meeting, p.120
Pioneer Data, p.121
100% Heart-Thanks, p.122
A Little Pioneer History, p.124
A Practical Problem, p.127
Woman, p.128
A Plea For A Police-Woman, p.130
Suggestions and Cheer To Police-Woman, p.132
Kinds of Hand-Grasps, p.132
An Insight Into Experience, p.133
Object of Giving, p.133
The Four Primary Instincts, p.133
Lack of Justice, p.134
Justice Demands, p.134
Caught in Adultry, p.135
Object Of This Note, p.135
James and Mary, p.136
The Letter, p.137
General Reply, p.140
Introductory Remarks, p.142
Traveling Under Difficulties, p.143
The Start, p.144
The Yields, p.146
The Wreck, p.147
The Cabin, p.148
Shocking News, p.149
Facing The Terrible Situation, p.149
Histerical Forebodings, p.151
James No Deceiver, p.159
James Reveals Himself to Mary, p.159
Mary's Heart Revealed, p.162
A Good Dinner, p.162
Our Rescue, p.163
The Terrible News, p.163
The Stone Boat, p.164
For Home, p.165
James's Introduction, p.167
Mary Hides Nothing, p.169
Retiring Time, p.170
Next Morning, p.171
Our Remaining Time Together, p.173
The Parting, p.177
It Would Please Mother and Father, p.178
Our Surprise, p.179
On The Way To Utica, p.179
Mary Explains, p.180
At Utica, p.180
Final Parting, p.181
Since, p.181
The Sequel, p.181
Confidential Review, p.182
Mary's Letter, p.183
Happy Thought, p.187
The Only Key, p.187
Second President of Colorado College and A Pioneer Dead, p.190
Land Scheme Best, p.191
Cash-Book, Jackson, Missouri, p.192
Way America Is in The War, p.194
Forty Years War, p.195
In The Stink-Pots of Hell, p.196
Congratulation on 6eth Birth-Day Anniversary, p.198
The Passing of Col. Edgar T. Ensign ' Pioneer, p.199
Genealogical Notes, p.200
The Glens, p.202
The Naming of Lake and Station on The Divide, p.207
Pike's Expedition Notes, p.208
Animals Killed, p.209
Now With Pike To The Top of The Mexican Mountain, p.211
The Value of A Minute, p.214
George Kerr, p.218
When My Father Refused an Inheritance of $200,000, p.222
Sequel, p.223
My Grandfather James Hutchinson, p.224
A Lively Tilt, p.225
Doing The Work, p.225
Sad For Your Sake, p.226 '
The Melting Pot, p.229
The Heretic, p.230
The Story, p.233
A Lucky Move, p.236
Jack and Bill, p.238
Sequel, p.240
To Our Devote, Resourceful and Efficient President, p.241
Heirlooms, p.242
A Marvelous Rope Feat, p.244
An Explanation, p.245
Mother Jones, p.245
Watch and Pray, p.246
Checking An Interstate Quarrel, p.247
The Pike County Missourians, p.248
The Truth About The Pikers, p.249
Beneath The Surface, p.250
The Social Struggle, p.251
Didn't Know Kansas City Was So Old, p.252
The Power of An Idea, p.253
Super-Human Work, p.254
To A Pioneer Wedding Invitation, p.255
A Confession, p.256
A Prettier Name Than Annie Laurie, p.257
Lillian, p.258
A Starving Soul, p.260
My Mother's Special Power, p.261
My Uncle James Hervey Hutchinson's Power, p.262
Juan's Last Story, p.263
Hating A Man, p.268
Sweet-Heart at 11, Lost To Each Other 58 Years. Now 2000 Miles Apart, p.270
A Delicate Appeal For More Light, p.271
Reply, p.273
The Kerr Clan, p.277
Some Notes On Our Kerr Connections, p.280
A Wonderful Dream, p.284
In Review, p.296
The Last Visit of The Utes, p.298

Ms 0081.14: 1916 1918. Volumes 13 and 14 are quite similar, intended to be duplicates. Both include photographs.

Ms 0081.15: Genealogical Data Relating to the Spear Criddle Smith and Co Families. 1916 1918. 46 p. of 224. Pocket in back containing letter to "My dear niece", Aug. 30, 1909. 26 p.