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A student at the radial arm saw

3-D Arts Workshop

Each department has its perks, but the 3-D arts workshop (also known as the Art Department Sculpture Studio) is one of the best, and lesser-known, resources on campus.

The art of clamping

The 2,000 square-foot workshop features all of the fine woodworking equipment and machinery you could imagine, including a SawStop, a high-tech table saw programmed to screech to a halt within a fraction of a second if anything other than wood catches the blade. Other machinery includes the lathe, chop saw, band saw, jointer, and planer. The 3-D arts workshop also has separate areas for working in metals, plaster, and clay. The shop is available to anyone enrolled in a 3-D arts class, senior studio art majors, and students enrolled in our semester-long woodworking adjunct.