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Campus Highlights

Laura Blackett '13I wish there was a way to adequately describe the overall ambience of Colorado College. Of course, the “energy” here buzzes about campus, jumping from place to place, ebbing and flowing depending on the time of day and the weather outside.

When you meet for a campus tour outside Cutler Hall, your guide will tell you that she will cater the tour to you and your interests — you have the same luxury here on the website.  There is something at CC for everybody, and while the virtual tour can't bring you everywhere, inside you'll find a good sample of the spaces on campus where you will be living, working, and socializing. If you're interested in science, you'll get a look at our state-of-the-art lab and research facilities. If performance art is your passion, you might be particularly interested in our experimental, interdisciplinary art space. You'll find information about living and eating on campus, about our academic facilities, and about many of the diverse spaces in between. Enjoy our campus! 

— Laura Blackett ’13

Campus Highlights


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