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Riley Wyman

Bain & Company

Economics Major
PIFP 2008 Fellow, Colorado Health Institute.
Benefits of the Block Plan?

I loved the Block Plan so much that I very intentionally sought a career that would afford me similar lifestyle and intellectual benefits. As a project-based environment, Bain forces me to be nimble, able to adopt an incredibly steep learning curve, and capable of changing course in a moment's notice. It allows me to jump from one interesting thing to another and to never have to spend too much time on any one topic or industry. I am used to immersing myself early; I am comfortable with short deadlines; and I am used to adapting to different managers' styles and expectations quickly.”

Block Plan benefits?

“The first positive feedback I received in my job was that I was surprisingly comfortable sharing opinions in team and client meetings, unfazed by pressure or seniority. I credit my CC education with this, as CC classrooms facilitated discussion and debate...small, rigorous classrooms with three hours of time to play with each day can teach a student to be confident and able to create and communicate her own opinions.”

“The thesis process at CC was another piece of my education that helped give me a leg up. Having two full months dedicated to a completely independent project taught me time management (and mismanagement) and comfort in taking ownership with very little guidance. There is much less oversight in the professional world than in college, and the thesis process taught me how to synthesize what I had learned throughout college and apply it to a topic completely chosen and entirely completed by me. In two very dedicated blocks, the thesis process tests the limits of your independent focus, planning, and motivation.”