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Grace Maloney ’12

Post Baccalaureate IRTA Fellow at the National Institutes of Health, Washington, D.C.

Psychology Major
Key milestones?

"I took advantage of several opportunities at Colorado College that helped set me apart from other candidates. My senior year honor’s thesis was key to landing me a job at the National Institutes of Health. I conducted an experiment that used eye-tracking technology to investigate gender differences in eye gaze. My future boss came across my profile on the NIH’s website, and saw that my thesis overlapped with her own research. Additionally, she saw that I had experience with eye-tracking technology, an unusual skill for an undergraduate to have, and one that was useful for her own research. That, combined with my previous experience in research, made me a positive addition to her lab, and she recruited me to work there. The thesis is an incredible opportunity to get an edge to make you a competitive job applicant."

Milestones since Graduation?

Getting into a PhD program in Clinical Psych! Falling in love! Figuring out how to allow those two things to coexist! Since graduating from CC, I worked my way into a field of psychology I am passionate about. After two years studying baby monkeys, I finally get to work with kids!

What am I doing now?

I’m currently finishing up my job as a post-baccalaureate IRTA (Intramural Research Training Award) at the NIH. This fall I am starting a doctoral program in clinical and school psychology at the University of Virginia. In between the end of my job and the start of graduate school is a whole lot of traveling!

Future aspirations?

I want to integrate mental healthcare into the school curriculum, so that social and emotional learning is integrated with all other forms of learning. I want kids to learn about their feelings while learning about the history of the United States.