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Elle Emery ’12

Field Education Instructor at Teton Science Schools in Jackson, Wyo.

Geology Major, Studio Art Minor
Key milestones since graduation?

"I recognized towards the middle of my CC career that I wanted to be involved in education. I found a number of programs focused on outdoor education and pursued them during the beginning of my senior year and The High Mountain Institute wanted me. HMI has many alumni who join the CC community each fall as incoming freshmen, and one of the co-founders is a CC alumnus himself (as are a number of faculty and apprentices each semester). I definitely used networking to my advantage."

Future aspirations?

"I would like to continue working in alternative/outdoor education environments."

Benefits of your CC experience?

"I can tell that the intensity of the Block Plan, including the rigor and quality of work expected of me at CC, has really given me a leg up in an intense teaching environment where there is no room for slacking."