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Maxime Robillard '11

Assistant to the Director of Strategy at ExtraExtra

Studio Art Major
What are you up to now?

Since deciding to significantly pursue my interest in music, I have found myself involved in multiple band/music projects and volunteering at the avant-garde venue, Issue Project Room, in Brooklyn. I am composing music, playing music, and have also found a part-time outlet for creative production and design work. I’m still exploring and have entered the service industry to allow me time and the mental space to accomplish my goals. In some ways, I am learning how to negotiate the feeling that your job defines you with the reality of identity today.

Future aspirations?

I am determined to connect my passion for performance design, architecture, and music in one way or another, as well as specify and streamline my interests. I do continue to think about how I can relate skills and experiences I am gaining back to where I am from in Vermont. Additionally, I never want to overlook the fact that my future aspirations are to continue strengthening and enriching the relationships I have with people here and abroad who I met in my education and travels. 

Block Plan benefits?

I feel well rounded, honestly, and confident that I could go in many directions. Sometimes I hear people say 'I could never do that. I didn’t go to school for that. I don’t know anything about that so it’s not for me.' To that, I say you can often translate experiences and expertise/knowledge from one arena to the next and it’s never too late to learn!”