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Lee Carter ’12

Investment Analyst at Invested Development, Boston

Mathematical Economics Major
Key milestones?

"While studying abroad in Ghana, I met someone who worked for Invested Development (who went on to start our Kenya office) and he told me about impact investing and brought me in for a summer internship in my junior year. I then worked part-time as an intern from Colorado Springs for my senior year and was hired full-time starting in July. I undertook three internships during my time in college and believe they were all incredibly useful in terms of learning different industries and what I wanted to do. My final internship led directly to a full-time offer. The internship was by far the best experience and I would strongly recommend everyone to try to get internships doing something you think you would like to do, and be willing to live on a small budget for a summer if that is the requirement for doing the internship."

Benefits of the CC experience?

"The Block Plan has definitely helped me in terms of meeting quick goals and working on projects with fast due dates. It also allows me to be able to focus on an important project when I need to, while still keeping other projects in my head and getting them further along as well. I have had plenty of situations like this already and do attribute my success in those situations to the Block Plan.

I think the biggest thing about CC that has given me a leg up and will continue to do so is the out-of-the-box thinking that the professors instill. The ability to think about problems from different angles and fresh ideas has really helped me to push our company further with our initiatives and allowed for greater activity with what we are doing."