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Kirstie Beard '12

Associate Account Manager at BrightRoll, San Francisco

English Major on the Film Track
Key Milestones

One CC milestone that will always stand out is my time managing “A Very Potter Musical.” In addition to providing me with extensive marketing experience, this musical introduced me to the most intelligent, courageous, hilarious, and fiercely loyal friends.  While all of us are off leading exciting lives across the globe, we always manage to stay in touch — definitive proof seen in a four-hour Skype session that expanded across Colorado, California, Washington, China, Australia, and Hawaii.  It is thanks to CC that I have made a second family that I love just as much as my first.

Future Aspirations

My future aspirations include dabbling in video blogs about life in San Francisco, continuing to collaborate on various writing projects with CC alums, and pursuing a long-term position in inventory quality assessment for my current company, BrightRoll.  (BrightRoll is an online video advertising platform.)

Benefits of the CC experience?

“I have a new job in which my co-workers are constantly impressed with how much I am able to achieve with a quick turnaround.  It's one of the perks of being a CC grad.”

“On my first day of class at CC I was assigned 70 pages of reading and subsequently went into a panic at how much work CC professors expected on a nightly basis. I realize now that the Block Plan mentors students from their very first day to be prepared for anything that comes their way.”

“In my opinion the Block Plan isn't just an ‘advanced academic way of learning;’ it really becomes a way of life. CC will show you just how amazing and productive you can be when given only a few weeks to prove it. My boss has called me an overachiever, but in reality I am a CC grad. We go above and beyond what is expected, not out of a need to impress, but out of a desire to gain everything we can out of every learning experience life brings our way.”