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Chinesom Ejiasa '03

Director of Investment Funds at the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Washington D.C.

Economics Major

“I live in Washington D.C. and work for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) within its private equity group. OPIC is the U.S. government’s development finance institution, and through our three main product offerings (political risk insurance, structured finance, and private equity) we aim to mobilize private capital into emerging and frontier markets to support economic development and foreign policy initiatives.”

Key milestones?

“Sue Allon, a Colorado College alumna, was a wonderful mentor to me. She was the founder of Clayton Fixed Income Services, and she unlocked a lot of opportunities that otherwise would have been foreign to me. It’s crazy now to think back to those days because there were numerous employees who were 2-4 years out of college who were assuming responsibilities that conventional wisdom would say should be designated for people twice their age. I think this was one of the beauties of her company because she recognized that if she could attract ambitious people, she could get them to produce at exponentially high levels by simply giving them a sense of freedom and ownership in the company’s success.”

Future aspirations?

“My current pursuit is to remain within the international finance industry. Whether that will be corporate M&A, conventional private equity, or some other similar derivation. When I’ve quenched that thirst, I would like to teach middle school math.”

Block Plan benefits?

“The brilliance of the Block Plan is that it teaches you so many explicit and subtle things like how to enhance your sense of concentration, how to sift through and retain only the most important aspects of a concept, and ultimately how to be instinctual.”

“The block break is also a critical component to the Block Plan because it is a time to rest and re-energize and we generally don’t allow much time for that in our lives. To have this component so resolutely woven into the fiber of CC’s academic framework has helped influence how I view my world.”