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Catherine Belton ’10

Art Conservation Intern
Completed Harvard University’s six-week intensive design program

Biology Major with Minor in Art History

“The field of art conservation requires knowledge of chemistry to understand the artistic materials and specific deterioration, art history to appreciate the periods of the pieces you handle, and studio art to execute hands-on restoration techniques. As I do work in art conservation, I rely on my coursework in Romance languages, cultural anthropology, art history, art studio, and chemistry. I am thrilled to have had the CC education I did, because I was able to pick exactly what interested me block by block.

I had a huge leg-up at the Harvard program. The intensity was hard for a lot of people, but to me it simply felt like a longer block. Other students spent their entire summer in the lab, but because of the time management skills I took away from CC, I was able to explore Boston, meet new people, and get a rewarding architectural internship to follow.”