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Angela Cobian '11

Fulbright Scholar, Mexico City, Mexico
Curriculum Design Fellow at Generation Schools, Education Pioneers, Colorado

Political Science Major, Spanish Minor
Exiting Young Alumni Trustee at CC

“I am currently a Fulbright Scholar in Mexico. For the 2013-2014 school year, I have been an English teaching assistant at the Universidad Pedagogica Nacional in Mexico City, as well as consulting with Enseña por Mexico in the area of community outreach and social transformation. In the summer I will start a fellowship at Generation Schools in Denver. I will be designing an elementary school curriculum geared towards college and career exploration.”

Key milestones?

“A key transition from CC to my current pursuits in education was my minority politics class. The class allowed me to think of education through a political framework. That is, viewing the inequities in education as a form of institutionalized racism, as well as a detriment to the future of our civil society.”

Future aspirations?

“I want to mobilize minority communities in a way that empowers them to better their local schools, as well as create programs and policies that support such work. To this end, I expect to run for local office in Denver in the next 3-5 years.”

Benefits of your CC education in the real world?

“CC taught me to think critically and analyze issues from multiple perspectives. Whether I'm trying to determine what interferes with my student's attendance in class, creating a project-based curriculum, or tackling issues of systemic inequity, I know that there are many factors and stakeholders involved. Nothing in this world is linear.”