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What Are Recent Grads Up To?

Joel Minor '11

Joel Minor graduated from Colorado College in 2011 with a degree in Environmental Science and Policy. What did he do upon graduation? Well, in his own words, "I had gotten into Stanford Law, so I decided to go."

The Class of 2012

Alex Day '12

Alexander Day '12, who works at, says he aspires "to solve problems that make people's lives easier, to work everyday like it's a passionate meaningful hobby, and to participate in philanthropic efforts to make technology more accessible to everyone." Claire Mann '12Claire Mann '12, recipient of an Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA) at the National Institutes of Health, says, "The Block Plan also greatly mimics how the real-world work transpires." Elle Emery '12 Elle Emery '12 works as a science apprentice at The High Mountain Institute. The Block Plan "has really given me a leg up in an intense teaching environment where there is no room for slacking." Emily Fukunaga '12Emily Fukunaga '12 says of her internship with the United States Olympic Committee, "I felt like I was just in another block at CC." Adam Kretz Erik Rieger '12 snagged his dream job right out of college--and got his start at CC. "I began writing for the Colorado College Alpine Journal as a way to fuse my passions for writing and climbing."
Grace Maloney '12Grace Maloney '12 says, "I took advantage of several opportunities at Colorado College that helped set me apart from other candidates. My senior year honors thesis was key to landing me a job at the National Institutes of Health." Jeffrey Nadel '12Jeffrey Nadel '12 is a fellow with the National Institutes of Health. CC equipped him to "quickly adjust to new work environments, and to critically and analytically examine any problems." Kirstie Beard '12 Kirstie Beard '12 is an account representative at CBS Interactive. "My boss has called me an overachiever, but in reality I am a CC grad." Laurie Laker '12 Laurie Laker '12 is furthering his studies at Dartmouth University. He declares, "The Block Plan has been a lifesaver in the post-CC world." Leah Fugere '12 Leah Fugere '12 works for Impact Alabama. "CC gives students that moxie to say 'sure' instead of 'are you crazy?'" Lee Carter '12 Lee Carter '12 works as an investment analyst at Invested Development. "The Block Plan allows me to be able to focus on an important project when I need to, while still keeping other projects in my head and getting them further along as well."

The Class of 2011

Angela Cobián '11 For Angela Cobián '11, "accomplishing the impossible in a short amount of time" is just another benefit of a Block Plan education. Caroline Janeway '11 Caroline Janeway '11, who studied neuroscience and dance at CC, says, "The doctors I work with now almost exclusively hire liberal arts graduates because we are deeply passionate about our work." Catherine Belton Catherine Belton '11 is using her biology major and studio art/art history minor to restore art. She says, "Restoring art requires heavy chemistry to understand materials, art history to appreciate the periods of the pieces you handle, and studio art to execute hands-on restoration techniques." Maisie Richards '11 Maisie Richards '11 works in Denali National Park as a physical science technician. In her words, the Block Plan "teaches you to switch effortlessly from one interest to another." Maxime Robillard '11 Maxime Robillard '11 works for an experiential marketing and creative consulting company. "I feel well rounded, honestly, and confident that I could go in many directions."

The Class of 2010

Courtney-Rose Harris Courtney Rose Harris '10 is a new media campaign manager at SEIU, where her real-world CC education helps her in a job focused on "fighting for equality and ensuring that all working people can live with dignity." Virginia Leise '10< Virginia Leise '10 is the co-founder of the sketch comedy group ThreeGForce, and says about her future aspirations, "I add something new to that list everyday."

The Class of 2008

Adam Kretz Adam Kretz '08 is also studying at Stanford Law School. "Being a lawyer is much, much easier after studying on the Block Plan," he says. Sierra Fleenor '08 Since CC, Sierra Fleenor '08 has graduated divinity school and begun work on her second novel. "The value of my degree is far beyond description," she says.