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Resource Fair

Welcome to the Summer Open Campus Campus Resource Fair! As you'll notice on this page, we have multiple sessions and different opportunity for you to connect with members of our campus community as well as the Office of Admission. Each session will last for 35 minutes total, and please feel free to hop back and forth between different sessions as you learn more about what awaits you as a student and person at CC. As always, if you have any questions on the Resource Fair, make sure to reach out

1:30 PM - 2:05 PM

Athletics and Recreation at CC

Community for Collaborative Engagement (CCE)

Wellness Resources at CC

Financial Aid with CC

Connect with Your Admission Rep - Midwest & Northeast Regions

Live Campus Tour

2:10 PM - 2:45 PM

Career Center at CC

Study Abroad at CC

Residential Experience at CC

Financial Aid at CC

Connect with Your Admission Rep - Colorado & Southern Region

Live Campus Tour

2:50 PM - 3:25 PM

The Butler Center at CC

Spiritual Life at CC

Outdoor Education at CC

Financial Aid at CC - Focus on Colorado and the Colorado Pledge

Connect with Your Admission Rep - International & West Region

Live Campus Tour

More Ways to Connect with CC

Build Your Block Plan with CC

Build out an eight-course schedule with actual classes offered on and off our campus. Classes range from freshmen level all the way to your senior year major opportunities, and just like CC you define your journey the entire way. Your academic adventures start today! 

Start Your Preliminary Application

Ready to call CC your college home? The best way to start is by completing your preliminary application. After completing your preliminary app, we'll provide you updates and tips on everything from the application process at CC to where the best food is on campus. 

More Virtual Opportunity

Interested in more virtual opportunity with CC? Join us throughout the rest of the summer and into the fall as we share our world with you. Have the chance to speak with current students, faculty, campus staff, and the Office of Admission team as we highlight more about what makes the Block Plan and our community so unique. 

Questions or Updates? Reach Out Now!

Have questions for your territory representative or our Admission team that you couldn't find through our virtual sessions? Now is your chance to connect with us directly. Reach out to us at any moment, we're here to help!