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    Meet our Fellows

    The Admission Fellow program was originally created to provide prospective students the opportunity to interview with other students currently attending Colorado College. The program is mainly made up of seniors, but we typically have a few juniors. Throughout the years the program has evolved into a great way to receive professional development as the students work alongside the staff in the Office of Admission. The Fellows are a wonderful resource for prospective students and their families and are always open to new conversations. Please scroll down to meet the team!

    Admission Fellows


    Noah Weeks ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: St. Louis, MO
    Major: Film and Media Studies
    Minor: Spanish
    Favorite Place on Campus: The hill below Cutler on a sunny weekend morning


    Olivia Calvi ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA
    Majors: Religion and Classics
    Minor: Human Biology & Kinesiology
    Favorite Place on Campus: Loomis Laundry room great view of Pikes and it’s peaceful


    Rafael Fermin ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Bronx, NY
    Major: Economics
    Favorite place on campus: The 4th floor of Palmer

    zoe - 19

    Zoe Lilak ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Edina, Minnesota
    Major: Psychology
    Favorite place on campus: The Cornerstone balcony on a sunny afternoon!

    Will h - 19

    Will Haslett ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Lincoln, MA
    Major: Political Science
    Favorite place on campus: Outside patio at Rastall. Saturday and Sunday brunch outside is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate after a long week. The views of Pikes are second to none

    tayler - 19

    Taylor O'Donnell ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
    Major: Religion (minor in political science and Middle Eastern culture and language)    
    Favorite place on campus: Walking between the automatic book stacks in the basement of the library.

    Rachel p - 19

    Rachel Powers ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Highland Park, IL
    Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology (minor in religion)    
    Favorite place on campus: El Pomar gym, cheering and watching my friends on the volleyball team. They are almost always ranked top 10 in the country! 

    issa - 19

    'Isa Hussain ‘21
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Miami, FL
    Major: Organismal Biology and Ecology and an Independently Designed Major in the Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies     
    Favorite place on campus: The grass patch between Bemis Hall and the Gym is probably my favorite place. You can listen to the music coming from Washburn Field and look at the view of the mountains. ~ So good ~

    ellie - 19

    Ellie Rubinstein ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Concord, MA
    Major: Political Science (minor in environmental issues)      
    Favorite place on campus: Yampa Field (Autrey Field) on east campus. It's where the ultimate frisbee teams often practice and where friends can just relax in the sun. 

    david - 19

    David Figel ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA
    Major: Neuroscience      
    Favorite place on campus: The balcony on Packard. There are uninterrupted views of Manitou Springs, Garden of the Gods, and Cheyenne Mountain. Take the elevator up at sunset for an unreal spectacle of color and landscape. 

    Daniel - 19

    Daniel Lawrence ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Portland, OR
    Major: Philosophy(minor in political science)      
    Favorite place on campus: The stacks in the library. It is a good quiet place to do work and the moving bookcases still impress me. 

    cole - 19

    Cole Simon ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Baltimore, MD
    Major: Economics (minor in environmental issues)      
    Favorite place on campus:  The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College has world-class exhibitions, incredible productions, a spooky basement with an extensive archaeological collection, and the best dang on-campus dining you can get (get the Wagyu burger). The best study spot at CC is in the secret garden! 

    cody - 19

    Cody Leong ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Houston, TX
    Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology (minor in human biology and kinesiology)      
    Favorite place on campus:  The section of Tava Quad right in front of Palmer Hall! The trees there are perfectly spaced to hang a hammock between them. 

    awaiss - 19

    Awaiss Ali Syed ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Islamabad, Pakistan
    Major: Political Science (minor in Russian)      
    Favorite place on campus:  The Preserve courtyard that looks onto the beautiful view of Pikes Peak. 

    breanna - 19

    Breanna Elyse Conwell ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Gaffney, South Carolina
    Major: Anthropology (minor in art studio)      
    Favorite place on campus: Worner quad, ideally on a sunny spring day. Laying in the grass with my best friend, Hal, with the sun beaming down, it's so comfortable you could almost fall asleep (which I have definitely done a handful of times, no shame for napping on the quad). 

    hannah p - 19

    Hannah Pardee ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Mt. Shasta, CA
    Major: Anthropology (minor in studio art)      
    Favorite place on campus:  The glass ceilinged hallway in Packard. It's always warm and sunny, and I love hearing the glass crackle. 

    Evva - 19

    Evva Parsons ‘20
    Admission Fellow

    Hometown: Mt. Minneapolis, MN
    Major: Political Science and German      
    Favorite Place on Campus: I adore studying and relaxing in the Cossit courtyard because it's secluded and I can always find the perfect combination of sun and shade. It makes every reading more enjoyable!