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    Meet our Ambassadors

    Our Ambassadors range in class year and interests and offer invaluable support to the Office of Admission. From helping greet visitors at the front desk of Cutler Hall to providing campus tours to helping with various events at Open Houses, Ambassadors are often the first face that visitors encounter when they arrive at CC. We encourage you to ask them questions about life as a student on the Block Plan!

    Admission Ambassadors


    Alessandra Ahlmen ‘21
    Admission Ambassador

    Hometown: Chappaqua, NY
    Major: Sociology and Pre-med
    Favorite place on campus: The bleachers at Washburn Field


    Claire Altieri ‘20
    Senior Ambassador for Transfers

    Hometown: Berkeley, CA
    Major: Mathematical Economics
    Favorite place on campus: Morrison Memorial Butterfly Garden

    maddie - 19

    Maddie Bodell ‘20
    Admission Ambassador

    Hometown: Plymouth, MN
    Major: Organismal Biology and Ecology
    Favorite place on campus: The preserve 

    Claire FA - 19

    Claire Flint-Anderson ‘21
    Admission Ambassador/Senior Ambassador for Events

    Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
    Major: Molecular Biology with a minor in English 
    Favorite place on campus: The desk on the third floor of the library! 


    Brianna Fuentes ‘21
    Admission Ambassador Captain 

    Hometown: Waller, Texas
    Major: Computer Science
    Favorite place on campus: Butterfly chair behind McGregor 


    Bridget Galaty ‘21
    Admission Ambassador

    Hometown: Denver, CO
    Major: Undeclared
    Favorite place on campus: The top of the bleachers by Washburn (the best views on campus!)


    Karina Grande ‘20
    Admission Ambassador & Outreach and Access Member

    Hometown: Houston, Texas
    Major: Chemistry
    Favorite place on campus: Washburn Filed 


    Ian Roberson ‘21
    Admissions Ambassador

    Hometown: Brookline, MA
    Major: Political Science
    Favorite place on campus: Cornerstone main lobby

    Claire A - 19

    Claire Ryan ‘21
    Senior Admission Ambassador for Events 

    Hometown: Niwot, CO
    Major: Neuroscience 
    Favorite place on campus: Sacred grounds during event nights


    Grace Spratley ‘21
    Admission Ambassador

    Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
    Major: French
    Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus is the Tutt Library Deck!


    Laurel Sullivan ‘21
    Admissions Ambassador

    Hometown: Medfield, MA
    Major: Sociology
    Favorite place on campus: Grass outside Cutler


    Sierra Takushi ‘21
    Admission Ambassador

    Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Major: Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies
    Minor: Education
    Favorite place on campus: The pavilion by the duck pond near Monument Creek!

    Anudari "Anu" Sharavdorj ‘22
    Admission Ambassador

    Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 
    Major: International Political Economy 
    Favorite place on campus: Palmer Hall

    sarah - 19

    Sara Dixon ‘22
    Admission Ambassador

    Hometown: Aurora, Illinois 
    Major: Environmental Science 
    Favorite place on campus: The bleachers that overlook Washburn! Best view of Pikes during any season or time of day. 

    paul - 19

    Paul Olsen ‘22
    Senior Admission Ambassador for Alumni Volunteer Program 

    Hometown: Singapore, Singapore 
    Major: Neuroscience  
    Favorite place on campus: El Pomar Balcony 

    pardes - 19

    Pardes Lyons-Warren ‘22
    Senior Admission Ambassador for Overnight Hosting 

    Hometown: St Louis, MO 
    Major: Feminist and Gender Studies 
    Favorite place on campus: Rastall Patio - nothing is better than brunch with my friends and a view of Pike's Peak! 

    Olivia - 19

    Olivia Rask ‘21
    Admission Ambassador

    Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
    Major: History and Political Science 
    Favorite place on campus: The third floor classrooms in Palmer Hall! 

    nate - 19

    Nate Marx ‘20
    Senior Admission Ambassador for Communications - Email and Print

    Hometown: Bainbridge Island, WA 
    Major: Environmental Policy 
    Favorite place on campus: Packard Music Library - tons of records, CDs, and knowledge about music around the globe! 

    liza - 19

    Liza Scher ‘22
    Senior Admission Ambassador Communications - Email and Print 

    Hometown: Pleasantville, NY
    Major: Studio Art - IDA track  
    Favorite place on campus: The 3D art studio! 

    john - 19

    John Schuler ‘21
    Admission Ambassador

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois 
    Major: Physics  
    Favorite place on campus: The grass hill below the's perfect for a meal, a sunset, or a sporting event!

    grace - 19

    Grace Harmon ‘20
    Admission Ambassador

    Hometown: Darien, CT
    Major: Environmental Policy 
    Favorite place on campus: The top of Shove Chapel - amazing bird's eye-view of campus! 

    emily - 19

    Emily McKinley ‘22
    Senior Admission Ambassador for Events 

    Hometown: Lexington, MA 
    Major: Undecided 
    Favorite place on campus

    eileen - 19 

    Eileen Huang ‘22
    Senior Admission Ambassador for International Students 

    Hometown: Chaozhou, China 
    Major: Feminist and Gender Studies  
    Favorite place on campus: The path going straight from Cutler Hall to Shove! Love taking a stroll through Tava Quad on a sunny day. 

    dani - 19

    Danielle Breslow ‘22
    Admission Ambassador

    Hometown: Washington DC
    Major: Political Science  
    Favorite place on campus: The tables outside the Preserve during sunset! 

    Cormac - 19

    Cormac McCrimmon ‘22
    Admission Ambassador

    Hometown: Denver, CO
    Major: History 
    Favorite place on campus: The Fine Arts Center 

    cole 2 - 19

    Cole Thumann ‘22
    Senior Admission Ambassador for Overnight Hosting 

    Hometown: Houston, TX 
    Major: Physics 
    Favorite place on campus: The patio in El Pomar that looks out towards Pikes over Washburn 

    ankita - 19

    Ankita Sharma ‘21
    Admission Ambassador

    Hometown: Fremont, CA 
    Major: Dance and Anthropology  
    Favorite place on campus: Cossitt North Dance Studio 

    Anna Vera - 19

    Anna Sofia Vera ‘22
    Senior Admission Ambassador for Outreach and Access 

    Hometown: Santiago, Chile 
    Major: Environmental Chemistry   
    Favorite place on campus: Walking on the Tiger Trail on a cool evening