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Student Job Listings

Remember: Students cannot be set up as an employee until they have completed New Employment Packet forms with the Financial Aid Office (Spencer Center, 1st floor).  You need to do this only once during your time at CC. 
It is the student's responsibility to be sure to submit all necessary paperwork in order to get paid.

On Campus

Alumni & Family Relations- Alumni Office Intern Job Description

Arts & Crafts Program- Craft Workshop Instructor Job Description

Athletics/Recreation- Group Fitness Instructor Job Description

Athletics/Recreation- Intramural Referee Job Description

Asian Studies Intern Job Description

CCE- Community Partnerships Intern Job Description

CCSGA Office Manager Job Description

Center for Global Education & Field Study- Office Assistant Job Description

Colket Center Data Entry Social Media Assistant Job Description

Colket Center- QRC Peer Tutor, Learning Assistant Psychology Job Description

Economics and Business Grader Job Description

Environmental Studies- Faculty Assistant Job Description

Esports - Smash Ultimate Team Manager Job Description

Film and Media- Office Assistant Job Description

French- Grader/Tutor Job Description

GREAL- Chinese Language Tutor Job Description

Information Technology- Office Assistant Job Description

Japanese Tutor Job Description

Music Assistant Audio Engineer Job Description

Nonprofit Initiatives- Creek Week Steering Committee Member Job Description

Office of the Provost- Pathways to SCoRe Mentor Job Description

Organismal Biology & Ecology Research/Lab Assistant Job Description

Organismal Biology & Ecology Tutor Job Description

Organismal Biology & Ecology Grader  Job Description

Performing Arts- Administrative Intern Job Description

Performing Arts- Promotions & Social Media Intern Job Description

Spanish & Portuguese- Tutor and/or Grader Job Description

State of the Rockies Social Media and Promotions Student Assistant Job Description 

Theatre and Dance- Prop Manager Job Description

The Butler Center- Program Assistant Job Description

Community Based Work Study (CBWS)

Students with an interest in community engagement should consider off campus opportunities to earn their work study award.  The Collaborative for Community Engagement (CCE) offers community based work study (CBWS) positions at select partner sites across Colorado Springs.  All current CBWS opportunities are listed below. For more information about this program or about community engagement at CC, please visit the CCE's website.

Off Campus

Family Promise of CS - Office Assistant   Job Description

Happy Cats Haven- Cat Counselor/Trainer Job Description

Rocky Mountain Field Institute - Marketing & Office Support Internship  Job Description

Ronald McDonald - Admin Assistant  Job Description 

Unless otherwise posted on the job description, please contact the person who is listed as the job supervisor for more information or to apply. For supervisor contact phone numbers please call the CC switchboard at 719-389-6000.