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Winter Start Calendar

A Winter Start student’s first block will be Block 5, the beginning of Spring Semester, on January 20, 2019. Orientation will begin on January 11, 2019.

As is true in the fall, Colorado College offers a variety of First-Year Experience (FYE) courses from which you will choose your first two blocks. These courses introduce you to the college’s library, Writing Center, and other academic support systems specific to Colorado College. You will also be provided with a student mentor, and get a chance to meet other first-year students, as well as the larger college community. You will find descriptions of these courses on the FYE website. You may choose among any of the college’s courses offered in Blocks 7 and 8 (the remaining blocks of your first semester). Please note prerequisites and course numbers.

Colorado College also has an impressive Summer Session, which runs from early in June through the end of July. Many Winter Start students choose to participate in the Summer Session following their first year. After the first year, Winter Starts can - and generally do - enroll in courses for the typical fall-spring calendar.

View the 2019 course schedule.

Registration, Housing, and Advising

Winter Start students will receive access to pre-registration materials in mid-summer. There will be an advising questionnaire to fill out so that we can match students appropriately to advisors on campus.  There will also be a ‘Snapshot’ questionnaire to complete in preparation for First-Year Experience excursions and activities.

Academic Advisors

Winter Start students will work with Dr. Aaron Stoller, the Director of Academic Programs and First-Year Experience, in mid-November to enroll in their Block 5 & 6 FYE courses. As part of Winter Start Orientation, Winter Start students can expect to receive an advising questionnaire, which will be used by our Student Opportunities and Advising Hub, to assign students to a faculty advisor. Students will receive the name and contact information of their faculty advisor in early January and will need to meet with their new advisor during Block 5 to select their Block 7 & 8 courses. Students will then meet with their advisor again during the all-college, fall pre-registration period from April 6 - April 24, 2020, to select their Block 1 - 4 courses for the following academic year.  

Winter Transfer Advising

All incoming Winter Transfer students will work with the Registrar's Office and Advising Hub in early December to select their spring courses, Blocks 5 - 8. During this time, the Student Opportunities and Advising Hub will work to assign students to a faculty advisor within their intended major. Winter Transfer students should plan to meet with their faculty advisor as needed throughout the spring semester to discuss major requirements, transfer credits, and remaining all-college requirements. Winter Transfer students will also need to meet with their advisor during the all-college, pre-registration period from April 6 - April 24, 2020, to select their Block 1 - 4 courses for the following academic year. Students should continue to work with the Student Opportunities and Advising Hub as needed to change faculty advisors or majors. 

Room Assignments

Room assignments are made after the deadline to submit the online housing agreement has passed. The preference questionnaire that you will be asked to fill out as part of the online process is especially important. We will make every effort to take your preferences into consideration; however, we believe strongly that first year students benefit by starting their on-campus residency in one of our large residence halls with their peers. Assignments will be based on mid-year housing availability in those halls. You will be notified of your room and roommate assignment when the college re-opens after Winter Break, immediately prior to orientation. We will include contact information with your assignment and strongly encourage you to connect with your roommate and to get to know him or her.