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Dear Colleague,

I am writing to give you an update on our application process. Like many colleges, we have seen a dramatic increase in applications in recent years. To date, 8024 first-year students have applied for admission, a 5.4% increase over the previous record set one year ago. More than half of our applicants chose to apply under one of our early deadlines. In spite of the volume and quality of our Early Decision and Early Action applicant pools, we made a deliberate effort to admit the most deserving candidates while reserving space for the most talented applicants within the Regular Action pool. Nevertheless, we readily acknowledge that our admit rates by round are reflective of both the size and quality of each pool.

In 2013, Colorado College accepted an invitation to join the QuestBridge organization ( as their 35th partner college, and just over half the increase cited above is due to the volume of students who came through QuestBridge.

Phone calls and emails from counselors asking for early reads:  

As a former college counselor myself, I understand how important these calls are for you. Our Admission Committee also values these exchanges. Due to the volume of applications and sending schools, please realize that there are increased limitations with our ability to conduct lengthy correspondence. Our Admission Officers are being encouraged to handle preliminary exchanges with confidential emails, and we encourage you to send pertinent comments related to your students via email as well. 

Students in our applicant pool who may be applying Early Decision to another college:

As with past years, we need your help in urging your students to withdraw their applications from consideration at Colorado College as soon as they are admitted under a binding Early Decision program at another college. While many students are quick to let us know, there are several who fail to do so. Unfortunately, some even proactively log in to our portal account on the appointed date to see if they are admitted to Colorado College and then, a few minutes later, send us an email to notify us of their commitment elsewhere. Please have your student(s) send us a quick email – one line will do – to We can only validate such correspondence when we receive it in writing.  We are grateful for your support here.

Missing Credentials for students:

We continue to make daily progress processing application credentials and updated information will appear daily and students need to take the responsibility to check their own portal account at

Financial Aid Portal:

We also have a Colorado College Financial Aid Base Camp portal for students to check the status of their financial aid applications and, if admitted, their estimated awards, at While we are prohibited from sharing pin numbers or passwords directly with parents, we assume that most students will communicate with their parents if something is missing. We have sent out login information directly to all applicants who have indicated an interest in applying for need-based aid.

Notification dates:

All students are expected to access their personalized – and confidential – portal account at We will release admission decisions for Regular Action applicants on March 16, 2015.

In closing, I want to thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of your students and for your support of Colorado College. We are grateful for your advocacy as well as your collegiality.


Mark J. Hatch
Vice President for Enrollment

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