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  1. Once your admission file is closed and you have been formally accepted to CC - complete section 1 of the F-1 Transfer-In Form.
  2. Visit the international student office at your current school and determine an appropriate “release date” for your transfer. The release date must be:
    • After you have completed all coursework and employment (post secondary only) at your current school
    • No later than 60 days after completion of studies or OPT (post secondary only) at your current school
  3. Have an international student advisor at your current school complete section 2 of the form and fax it to the Office of International Programs at (719) 227-8283.

Note: An F-1 student is not permitted to remain in the United States when transferring between schools or programs unless the student will begin classes at the transfer school or program within 5 months of transferring out of the current school or within 5 months of the program completion date on his/her current Form I-20, whichever is earlier. Once your release date has been reached, Colorado College will be able to access your SEVIS record and will issue you a “Transfer Pending” I-20.

Students will receive a temporary “Transfer Pending” I-20 within 1-2 weeks of their release date.

Upon arriving to Colorado College in the fall, SEVIS transfer students are required to contact OIP within 15 days of the program start date as listed at item #5 on “Form I-20” so that we can register your record and issue you a “continued attendance I-20”.


  • Request the new CC I-20 form before departure from the U.S. If not possible, I-20 form will be sent to the foreign address
  • If the current visa (F-1/J-1) is valid (unexpired), a new visa is not required even if the visa carries the name of the previous school
  • US reentry is possible with the Colorado College-issued I-20 form, valid passport (at least 6-months into the future upon re-entry – few exceptions), and valid visa 
  • If a new visa is needed for reentry, the transfer student must apply using the Colorado College I-20 and financial documentation. However, transfer students who go back to their home country without conducting an I-20 SEVIS transfer will be required to obtain an initial CC I-20 to apply for a new visa and will thus be required to re-pay the SEVIS fee.


Transfers must be done within the deadlines established by USCIS, otherwise the student will be “out of status”

  • F-1 60-Day Grace Period or J-1 30-Day Grace Period: Transfer must be initiated within the grace period following completion a course of study or practical/academic training; the student is
    eligible for transfer through the end of the grace period 
  • 5-Month Start-Date Limit: Student must start new school within 5 months of SEVIS Release Date or program completion date 
  • F-1 transfer students are not restricted to entry within 30-days of program start date

What happens when my student entry visa expires? When do I have to renew it?

You may remain in the U.S. on an expired F-1 entry visa so long as you are maintaining the status written on your I-94 card, and the I-94 card notes the "expiration date" as "D/S" (Duration of Status). Please note that a student entry visa CANNOT be renewed within the U.S. If your student entry visa has expired and you travel outside the U.S., you must renew your entry visa before you will be permitted to return to the U.S. in student status.