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All new international students are required to show proof that funds are guaranteed for the first year of study. Please ensure that adequate funding will continue to be available from the same or equally dependable sources for subsequent years. You may be asked to show proof of this at your visa interview. This proof can come from several different sources (personal, family, business, etc.); however, you must be sure to have supporting documents for each of the sources of funding. If you already have a visa, please see the bottom of the page for expedited procedures.

Proof of adequate finances:

United States immigration regulations require that certification of admission be based upon both academic acceptance and satisfactory evidence of adequate funds required to meet all expenses that will be incurred during the student's proposed period of study in the United States. Note: admission decisions are made with the expectation that funds for each additional year will be available. Students must show sufficient funds for tuition and all living expenses not covered by grants and/or scholarships. Incomplete information will delay your application.

Estimated Annual Costs in US Dollars (USD) for CC International Students:

Cost for tuition, fees, room, board, and other expenses are subject to change, and may increase annually with inflation.

ACADEMIC YEAR 2018-2019 (9-month academic year; USD)

Estimated Expenses:

Undergraduate Degree:

Undergraduate Degree &
Global Scholars Program**:




Student Activity Fee



Housing allowance
(double room in residence hall)



Board allowance
(meal plan C)



Books and Supplies
(varies by course and major)



(meals during breaks, misc., varies by geography)



Health insurance*
(estimated annual cost, subject to change)



Estimated I-20 Cost of Attendance



*Note: Students are required to have health insurance while studying in the US. Student health insurance is available through Colorado College.

**Global Scholars Program Fee includes 1.0 unit of course credit ($4,600), room & board ($745), program fee ($1,081), plus books, and personal/travel estimates.

If you have any questions or concerns about financial requirements for international applicants, please contact the Office of International Programs at +1 (719) 227-8282.

Financial Statements

Evidence of financial support should be submitted in the form of a letter of support from your family and/or financial sponsor and a statement from their bank.

The letter of support (sponsorship letter) must attest the following:

  • The relationship of the sponsor to the student
  • Level of support (monetary amount expressed in US Dollars) available for their educational expenses
  • Clearly state the funds intended use: e.g. room and board, books, health insurance, personal expenses/travel etc.
  • All documents must be in English
  • If you have more than one financial sponsor, a bank statement and letter of support is required from each sponsor

The bank statement must:

  • Be printed on bank letterhead
  • Indicate the name of the account holder and account number 
  • Indicate an exact available monetary amount expressed in US Dollars 
  • Be dated within the last 6 months from I-20 issuance
  • Be signed by a bank official 
  • Be written in English

Supporting documentation is required for each person or party who will be contributing to the cost of your educational studies at CC. All documents must be officially translated into English and the monetary amounts expressed in US Dollars. Please keep a copy of all financial sponsorship documents as you will need them for your F-1 student visa interview and for entry into the US at a port of entry. Other sources of funding such as scholarships, loans, and grants must be documented by a letter in English from the funding organization and specify the:

  • Amount of funding 
  • Dates of the funding period
  • And state its intended use: room and board, books, health insurance, personal expenses/travel etc. 

Examples of Unacceptable Documents:

  • Funds from anticipated employment 
  • Line of credit from banks 
  • Insurance policies or pension funds 
  • Real estate or other fixed assets/investments (stocks) 
  • Income tax forms/pay stubs, employment/salary letters etc.

For current U.S. visa holders:

F-1 visa holders: There is a school transfer process to complete in order to move your Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) record from your current U.S. school to CC.

H-4 visa holders: There is no need for you to obtain a Form I-20 for CC. We need a copy of the primary H1B visa holder's documentation (Form I-797 approval notice and current Form I-94 admission record), H4 visa documentation (current Form I-94) and a copy of the passport. If you want to work on campus, you may apply to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for an Employment Authorization Card.

Au Pair on a J-1 Visa: Au pairs sponsored by the Bureau of Economic and Cultural Affairs are required by the U.S. Department of State to enroll for not less than 6 semester hours of classes per academic year at a post-secondary educational institution (for credit); but may audit the classes for no credit if they wish. If admitted to take classes at CC, we will collect copies of J-1 documentation for verification (Form DS-2019, passport, visa, etc.).