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Transfer Mentor Program

Don't worry – we've got your back

The CC Transfer Mentor Program aims to actively engage incoming transfers in the CC community through peer-led support in the realms of academic, social, and extracurricular activities.

Transfer student mentors offer practical, 'on-the-ground' advice about courses, student life, and the Colorado Springs area – everything you ever wanted to know about how to do it right the second time around.

Student mentors are here for you every step of the way. 

Transfer Student Profiles


Nia Abrams ’17
Hometown: Montclair, New Jersey
Major: Environmental Policy

I came to Colorado College to take charge of my academic experience. At my previous institution I felt confined to the academic experience the University envisioned for us. At CC, learning is collaborative and engaging on a person-to-person level. Not only do I learn from my professors, but I learn from my peers - that is hard to get at large school where you’re just a number.

ADVICE: Students here have a voice, so even if you are unsatisfied with your experience at times, CC gives you the room to make change, to make things better, and to grow. Integrating yourself into CC culture can be difficult, but if you are a student that likes to be an agent for personal or social change you will find your place here.


Joel Fisher-Katz ’17
Hometown: Northampton, Massachusetts
Major: Philosophy

I moved to Colorado Springs right after high school and came to know many CC alumni, climbers, and artists. As CC students engaged in Colorado Springs, they brought me into the CC community and I slowly decided this was the place for me. I thought the intensity of the Block Plan might be too challenging, but I have found that the condensed schedule and accelerated curriculum make for a really interesting and stimulating academic experience.

Transferring is a little weird. As a first-year transfer you jump into a normal CC class without a transitional First Year Experience course, meaning that the academic transition can be a little lonely when you're surrounded by mostly returning students. However, the outside perspective and level of maturity that transfers bring make us a highly successful group of scholars and leaders on campus.


  1. CC is a tool box. As a transfer you are clearly trying to take agency over some part of your education, and CC will allow you to do even more.
  2. Think big. Many transfers don't go abroad, but there are ways to fulfill credits while you're enjoying an off-campus experience.
  3. Approach your professors. These relationships are some of the most important ones you will ever make, and everyone else has a year up on you.
  4. Reach out to club and sports leaders ahead of time. Starting those relationships early will make it easier for you to transition into those groups because they anticipate you. As an older student, they won’t coddle you the same way they do for first-year students, so you have to do some leg work yourself.


N. Beckett Shea-Shumsky ’17
Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Major: Psychology
Minor: Feminist & Gender Studies

One misconception about the liberal arts is that it focuses away from research. My experience proves the opposite! Because of the small class sizes, you typically know both your classmates and your professors by first name. For me, this is how my thesis research started. After I’d taken five (!) classes with Professor Jacobs in the Psychology department, he asked me to become his research assistant. This summer, I traced almost 200 neurons and published my first paper!

ADVICE: During my first semester at CC, I sat down at a random table in Rastall every day. I’m a little socially awkward, so it was really challenging for me to take this leap and talk with complete strangers, but it was super rewarding. I made some of my best friends at CC this way. If meals with strangers aren’t your thing, you can join clubs or get involved in other organizations. My advice? Just do it!


Drew Turley ’17
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Major: History/Philosophy
Minor: Arts of London & Florence

Coming from a community college, I knew that I wanted to be somewhere that allowed me to get to know my professors and administrators and develop close relationships with them. I did not want to become a number in a lecture hall. CC gave me the opportunity to pursue all of my interests to the fullest. Whether that was choreographing for a dance workshop here on campus or doing a Venture Grant in London, England, I have been supported in my efforts by deans, faculty members, and fellow students.

ADVICE: My advice for transfer students would be to come here with a plan, especially if you want to study abroad. You can always adjust your plans as things change, but come in with an idea about what you want to do so that you can take advantage of all that CC has to offer during your two or three years here. Also, I came here from a commuter campus, so discovering what a residential experience was like was a shock when I suddenly had to share the kitchen and bathrooms with people I didn't know. Be prepared!