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FAQ for Transfer Applicants

Should I apply as a first-year or a transfer student?

Any applicant who has not yet graduated from high school (even having already earned AP, IB, or college credit) and who has not been enrolled as a degree-seeking student at another college or university should apply as a first-year candidate. Any applicant who has been a regular status, degree-seeking college student and has earned at least one semester of college credit at the time of application should apply as a transfer student. If you are unsure of where you fall on this spectrum, please call for clarification.

May I transfer to Colorado College in the spring semester of my first year in college?

No. Colorado College requires that you have completed a full semester of college work at the time of your application.

How do you select transfer students for admission?

Transfer admission decisions are based on both objective and subjective criteria. We give the greatest weight to performance in a college/university classroom environment. Next, we may utilize your high school performance to provide greater context to your academic history. If available, we utilize standardized test scores as well. Finally, we review your personal statement, extracurricular involvement, and your overall affinity for Colorado College.

Do I have to send the College Official’s Report from every college I’ve attended?

No. Just the most recent college you've attended.

None of my professors know me. Do I have to get recommendations from professors?

We encourage you to get recommendations from someone who has taught you recently and can speak to your enthusiasm for learning, work habits, and similar topics. While we prefer a professor, it can be a teaching assistant, a recent high school teacher, an employer, a minister, or even a co-worker.

Do I have to submit my high school record?

All applicants must submit secondary school records, even if you have been in college for a few years.

Do I have to submit standardized test scores?

If your current or most recent institution required test scores, they are required. If the scores are more than 5 years old or were not required for admission at your current institution, they are waived.

As an international applicant, do I still need to submit an English assessment?

If you attend a school where English is not the language of instruction, and English is not your first language, we recommend an English proficiency exam to best demonstrate your abilities, though one is not required.

As an international applicant, which English proficiency exams are approved?

You may submit the following tests for consideration by our admission committee:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Recommended score: 100 or higher on iBT scale
  • Pearson Test of English Academic Recommended score: 68 or higher
  • IELTS Recommended score: 7.0 or higher
May I reapply to Colorado College?

Students can reactivate for a second admission cycle. If you are not offered admission at that time, you will not be considered in future admission cycles.

I’m reapplying. What should I submit?

If you submitted a complete application to Colorado College after January 1, 2015 you may re-purpose most of your application materials. You may want to include the following:

  1. An update, in letter or essay form, on your activities and thoughts about Colorado College since you submitted the prior application
  2. New official transcripts if you were in school this past semester (including final high school transcripts if your most recent application was as a high school student).
  3. The following sections of the Common Application, newly updated: Application, Future Plans, Demographics, Family, Academics, and Education.
  4. A new College Official’s Report (if you were in school this past semester)
When will I hear about your decision?

Decision release for transfers is dependent on multiple factors. We are often releasing decisions for Spring transfers by the first week of December and mid-April for Fall Transfers. However, circumstances may dictate changes to that schedule. You will be informed when your decision is released.

When do I hear about transfer credit?

After admission, the registrar’s office will review your transcript and a credit analysis will be sent to you prior to your enrollment deposit deadline. Four semester hours or six quarter hours are equivalent to one Colorado College block credit. Transfer credit guidelines can be found here.

When and how do I select classes?

Materials including registration instructions will be sent shortly after we receive your enrollment deposit. Since currently enrolled students will have already selected their classes, transfers typically choose classes on a space-available basis. The registrar believes that transfers are generally able to register for the classes they wish to take. You may also put your name on a waiting list for any class that is already full. You can find more information here.

What about living on campus?

Housing is guaranteed for every student, provided housing contracts are delivered to the housing office when due. Only seniors, veterans, students living with their parents, and students 23 and older are automatically permitted to live off-campus. Transfers are usually housed with students of similar academic standing (i.e., sophomores with sophomores).

I'm worried about adjusting to life at CC. Is there any help for me?

There are substantially fewer transfer students at CC than first-time freshmen, and we recognize that your experience coming in as a transfer student will be unique. The CC Transfer Mentor Program was created to help incoming students get real, practical help in adjusting to life—academically and socially—at Colorado College. Learn more about the Transfer Mentor Program here.