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Each year Colorado College awards scholarships to foreign students (non-U.S. citizens and non-U.S. permanent residents) enrolling as degree-seeking students. We evaluate the amount each family can contribute toward the total cost of attendance, including tuition, housing, meals, health insurance, books*, personal expenses, and transportation to and from a student’s home country.

*NEW INTERNATIONAL STUDENT BOOK SCHOLARSHIP POLICY: If part of your International Student financial aid package includes an award for books, you will be provided with an account in the Colorado College bookstore.  To charge books or other required items to this account, you must identify yourself as an International student receiving financial aid to the bookstore personnel at the time of purchase.  The bookstore will then check to make sure the purchase can be authorized. There are limits to what you can purchase with your book scholarship account.  Among them:

 •  You can purchase required course books as indicated on the course shelf tag in the Bookstore.  An access code, computer disk or CD-ROM may be provided when it is required as a supplement to be used as/with a required text.

•  Required course supplies (for example, calculators, art supplies, computer disks, or periodical subscriptions) provided they are listed as required on the course shelf tag in the bookstore.

•  Books selected at the student’s discretion from a listing of optional books only when a specified number of the books are required to complete a particular course.

•  Lost textbooks may NOT be replaced by the institution.

•  Stolen textbooks may be replaced.  If a theft occurs, you must present a copy of the police report pertaining to the theft to the financial aid office and a letter requesting permission to credit your account for a replacement.

 There are a number of items that you cannot purchase with your bookstore account if you are receiving a Colorado College Book Scholarship. They include (but are not limited to):

 •  Supplies and equipment  (e.g.,  notebooks, art supplies, computer supplies, cell phone accessories, backpacks, photography supplies, and supplies for personal use that are not required for a class).

•  Electronics or Headphones.

•  Gifts for friends or family members.

•  Duplicate copies of the same book.

•  Books for a class you are not enrolled in.

•  Books or other supplies for friends or classmates

Typical awards include up to $2,000 in institutional work study (campus job). The scholarship is renewed every year, up to four consecutive years, until graduation. Thirty-six percent of admitted international students were offered need-based financial assistance, ranging from $10,133 to $54,832. The average need-based international student grant was $45,293. More than $1.75 million was offered to international students in need-based or merit-based assistance.


International Prospective Students: If you wish to apply for need-based financial aid, indicate that on their Common Application (the application specifically asks if you will be applying for financial aid).

International Prospective & Current Students: If you wish to apply for need-based financial aid, you must complete and submit the following: 

  •  CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE (complete online)
  •  Certification of Income from Employer (submit directly to our office via mail, email, or fax)
    • The purpose of the Certification of Income from Employer is to help Colorado College obtain complete and accurate information about the parents’ income for international applicants who want to study in the United States and to apply for financial assistance. Strict government regulations, rising education costs and economic conditions have made verifying the financial resources of international applicants essential. The Certification of Income from Employer must be written in English, signed by parent's employer, and provide the amount of earnings the parent received during the last complete calendar year.  A separate Certification must be obtain for both parents living together  in the same household. A separate Certification must be included from each employer if the parent has worked for more than one employer during the last complete calendar year.


Students who have earned an undergraduate degree from another college or university are not be eligible for financial aid from Colorado College.

Other Scholarships

We offer athletic scholarships for NCAA Division I Men’s Hockey and Women’s Soccer.