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For Wait-Listed Students

We thought you might appreciate seeing some of the questions we are frequently asked. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact the admission office at 1-800-542-7214.

Why was I put on the waiting list?
More than 7,600 students applied to Colorado College this year. We are aiming for a first-year class of just over 500 students. While we recognize that many of the students in our pool were academically capable of succeeding here, unfortunately, we could not admit all of them. You are one of the students who came very close to being admitted. While we cannot make any promises of admission, we are optimistic that we will be making offers from the waiting list and remain hopeful you will submit the form.

What are my chances of getting admitted off the waiting list? What is my ranking within the list?
We have admitted from 20 to 80 students from the waiting list in previous years. These students were selected from a list of about 300 applicants who chose to remain on the waiting list. We do not rank students on our waiting list. We will review all wait-listed candidates when we determine how many spaces are available in the entering class (whether for fall start, winter start, or gap year entry).

When and how will I be notified?
The majority of waiting list decisions will be made in mid-May. There is a possibility that we may admit a handful of students from the waiting list during the last week of April. We will monitor our deposits from admitted students on a daily basis and will make a careful assessment of our enrollment. While we expect to have most of our spaces filled by the end of May, we may make some offers as late as June. Students will be notified of their admission first by phone and then confirmed by mail.

What if I applied for financial aid? Will there still be scholarship funding available?
We will do our best to fund students admitted from the waiting list. However, we are not need-blind during this process. Financial aid will be determined by the availability of funds, though we will still need the demonstrated need of any admitted student. Please be sure that all your financial aid documents are complete if you are applying for assistance or let us know if you no longer wish to apply for aid.

Can I visit CC now? May I schedule an interview?
You may schedule a visit. You may still attend an information session and go on a tour. We do not offer interviews during the month of April. We are unable to provide overnight hosting or class visits to students on the waiting list. We encourage you to follow up afterward.

I don’t want to lose my spot at another college. If I’m not taken off the waiting list before May 1, what should I do?
You should secure a space at another college by depositing their required fee. The receiving college will understand if you withdraw later, and this is not considered double-depositing.

What can I do to increase my chances of admission?
In addition to returning the waiting list response form, we encourage you to write to us and let us know about your continued interest in CC. Please feel free to include any updated information as well, such as new grades or recent awards. Additional letters of recommendation are generally not helpful.

Will housing still be available?
All enrolling students are guaranteed housing, and they are required to live on campus for the first three years. Enrollment information (including housing forms), will be sent to all enrolling students in June.