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Dear Students, Parents & Counselors,

I am pleased to announce that Colorado College’s involvement as an inaugural member of the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success. The Coalition consists of a diverse collection of public and private colleges and universities dedicated to improving the college search process. The Coalition is deeply committed to access and affordability, with a special focus on students coming from low-income, underrepresented, and first-generation backgrounds.

The new Coalition Application platform—a suite of college planning tools provided free of charge to all high school students—gives students the ability to let their talents, skills, and knowledge shine through, giving colleges and universities a more holistic view of applicants. In addition, the Coalition is working to reshape the college admission process and will continue to seek opportunities to improve the college search experience for everyone involved.

Roughly 90 leading American colleges and universities have joined together to form the Coalition, although nearly one-third have opted to defer implementation for a year. In order to be part of the Coalition, schools must have at least a 70 percent graduation rate over six years, and commit to offering an affordable education—which means reasonable tuition at public institutions, and a commitment to financial aid at private institutions.  Colorado College’s promise to students is to meet 100 percent of demonstrated family need, and we’re pleased to help our admitted students afford a top-notch education.

While we are pleased to be a part of this dedicated group of institutions, Colorado College has opted to defer our active participation in the Coalition Application for one year. We feel strongly that our greatest responsibility is to our prospective students, and with that in mind, we are taking an additional year to stay true to our commitment to the holistic application process. We will use the additional time to two ends: first, to craft a relevant and insightful application, includingas we have for yearsa thoughtful writing supplement. Secondly, we are forming a Counselor Advisory Board, whose purpose will be to provide added insight to the application process and the impact of implementation upon students, families, and schools. We encourage all students interested in Colorado College—whether applying through the Common Application or Coalition Application—to thoughtfully consider their interest in and reasons for applying to Colorado College. We hope all of our students can articulate why CC meets their intellectual needs, and want to see that self-reflection in their writing.

Our participation in the Coalition does not change our relationship with either the Common Application or the QuestBridge Organization. We see the Coalition App as an additional avenue for students to discover and apply to Colorado College.

I encourage you to learn more about the Coalition Application here on our site and browse links to external sources with more information. If, after exploring more, you find you still have unanswered questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Admission at (800) 542-7214 or


Mark J. Hatch
Vice President for Enrollment, Colorado College