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Study Abroad

Yes, Colorado College is an American institution, but that doesn’t limit our reach. Because of the flexibility of the Block Plan, the world really is at our fingertips.

Study Abroad

Because 81% of students study abroad while at CC, the college has been recognized as a national leader in international education. Our options for international programs are as diverse as our students. Yours could be a week of geology fieldwork in the Bahamas. It could be a block abroad or off-campus in Venice with a CC art class. It could be a summer program in Spain or an international service trip in India. It could be an entire semester or even a year with the program of your choice.

You will never forget the time you studied abroad. Challenge yourself. It's totally worth it.

For more, visit the Center for Global Education & Field Study!

Benefits of Studying Abroad

Where better to develop foreign language proficiency than in its country of origin? Being far from home and surrounded by a new culture of people offers students the chance to break out of comfort zones, form new bonds, and realize new skills. Flexibility is crucial, too – not every education system operates like the Block Plan!

However, the greatest benefit that can be found from studying abroad is simply experiencing a culture other than your own. Diversity and global awareness are vital elements of life at not only CC, but in our ever-shrinking world. The appreciation and understanding of other cultures and peoples is fundamental to moving out into the “real world,” and such attitudes of openness can only benefit those who choose to embrace them.