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The Theatre Minor

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Thomas Lindblade
Andrew Manley
Ryan Platt
Idris Goodwin



Theatre minors must complete a minimum of 6.25 units for the minor:

  • Two units required from Principal Courses: TH 105 Acting 1; TH 206 Directing.
  • One unit from Historical Perspectives: TH 220 Origins and Early Forms of Theatre; TH 221 Medieval and Renaissance Theatre; TH 222 Romantic, Commedia and Neoclassic Theatre; TH 223 Modern Theatre; TH224 Contemporary Performance 1950-Present.
  • One unit from Intercultural or Interdisciplinary Perspectives: TH229 Rewriting America: Playwrights and Cultural Identity
  • One unit of Elective: One theatre elective at the 300 level is required.
  • .25 unit in Technical Theatre: choose from TH 101 Stagecraft practicum (.50 unit) and/or TH 212, 213, 214, 215 Theatre Studio Work/Technical (.25 unit each).
  • One unit of Integrative Project:  Theatre minors must complete an approved Junior or Senior integrative project that is either appended to TH 303 Junior Seminar, TH 304 Advance Performance, TH 326-329 Interdisciplinary courses, or TH 404 Senior Thesis.

The new Theatre Minor at Colorado College incorporates interdisciplinary courses relating history and theatre as well as hands-on acting, writing, and directing classes. Students also receive partial credits for participating in a theatre production. The minor concludes with an integrative project, which may be completed during a student's junior or senior year.