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Dance Minor


Patrizia Herminjard
Shawn Womack
Anusha Kedhar



Dance minors must complete a minimum of 6.5 units: The minor in dance consists of 5 units plus .25 unit of crew work, and one integrative project worth one unit.

  • One unit of principal courses: DA 221-Choreography
  • One unit of Intercultural Perspectives : DA 311-Cultural Perspectives in Dance or DA 211-Historical Perspectives in Dance
  • One unit from at least three of the four upper-level dance technique categories: Classical Forms (Ballet, Bharata Natyam, Graham Technique). Somatic Practices (Pilates, Yoga, QiGong), Contemporary Practices (Contemporary Dance, Improvisation), Intercultural/Community-based Dance (African Dance, Hip-hip, Samba).
  • Two unit of electives: The remaining elective unit may be chosen according to individual interests in dance theory and design courses, including DA 225-Body in Motion: Anatomy Kinesiology and Somatics, DR 218-Costume Design, DR 207-Lighting Design, DR 105-Acting I or DA special topics courses.
  • One unit Integrative Project: Dance minors must also complete an approved junior or senior integrative project that is either appended to a 300 level Dance Theory course or is DA325-Projects in Dance
  • .25 unit of Dance Repertory: DA 425/TH 214 DanSix
  • .25 of a unit of technical theatre: DA 212–215-Theatre Studio. Technical theatre job requirements for the minor should ideally be completed before the final semester of the minor. Students will earn technical theatre credit for work done on a specific departmental production over a span of 2 blocks. Subheading indicates type of work and title of the production.