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The Dance Major


Patrizia Herminjard
Ryan Platt
Shawn Womack
Anusha Kedhar



Dance majors must complete a minimum of 13 units in the major:

  • Six required core courses: DA 110: Fundamentals of Performance Design; DA 221: Choreography, DA 211: Historical Perspectives in Dance, DA 303:Junior Seminar; DA 304: Advanced Performance; DA 404: Senior Thesis Project.
  • One unit from Intercultural Perspectives: DA 311-Cultural Perspectives in Dance.
  • One unit from Interdisciplinary Perspectives: DA 326-Performance Studies; DA 327- Feminist Performance; DA 329-Queer Performance and Body Politics.
  • One unit of electives in Theatre & Dance: DA 225-Body in Motion: Anatomy Kinesiology and Somatics, DR 211-Costume Design, DR 207-Lighting Design, DR 105-Acting I or DA special topics courses
  • 1.5 units of required dance studio courses: .5 in Improvisation (DA 223, DA 224) and 1 unit completed in four upper-level dance techniques: .25 in ballet at the DA 300-400 level,  .25 in contemporary dance at the DA 300-400 level, .25 in DA 225, DA 226- African, Africana or DA 321-Asian Dance Forms II, .25 in Somatic Practices
  • 1.5 units of elective dance studio courses
  • .25 of a unit in a faculty dance production
  • .75 of a unit in Technical Theatre: DA/DR 101: Stagecraft (.50 unit) and/or DA 212-215: Theatre Studio Work/Technical (.25 unit each).

Outstanding work will be rewarded with distinction upon graduation. Dance majors are encouraged to take at least one unit in Theatre that will not count towards the units required for the major. Students are urged to study one or more foreign languages. Please consult the Handbook for Theatre and Dance Majors online for further clarification of the major.