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Major/Minor Requirements

The Spanish Department offers two majors, Spanish: Hispanic Studies and Romance Languages and two minors (Spanish Language and Luso-Brazilian Studies Thematic Minor)

The Spanish Major

Students who have taken French, Italian, or Spanish in high school must take a computerized placement test before enrolling in a language or literature course in the Spanish Department. We strongly recommend that they take the 20-minute test at the Keck Humanities Laboratory upon their arrival at the college. A student majoring in Spanish has two major options:

Spanish: Hispanic Studies

All required courses: 305 or 312, 306, 431, and 432 for those students eligible to write a thesis, or 431 for those graduating seniors not eligible to write a thesis.

  1. One course from 327, 328.
  2. One course from 331, 332, 333.
  3. One course from 324, 325, 326.
  4. One course from 338, 339.
  5. Two upper-level literature/culture courses. If thesis requirement not met, one additional Spanish course.

TOTAL: 10 units

Romance Languages (Spanish Major; second language focus in French or Italian)

All required courses: 305 or 312, 306, 431 and 432 for those students eligible to write a thesis, or 431 for those graduating seniors not eligible to write a thesis AND:

  1. Three Spanish literature/culture courses.
  2. If thesis requirement not met, one additional Spanish course.

Courses for second language focus in French:

  1. 305 and two French or Francophone culture or literature courses
  2. Elementary or more advanced Italian, Portuguese, or Latin.

Courses for the second language focus in ITALIAN:

  1. 305 and two additional Italian Literature or Cultural courses.
  2. Elementary or more advanced French, Portuguese, or Latin.

TOTAL: 11-12 units.

Distinction is awarded based on senior thesis (432) and departmental work.

Students who study abroad on programs other than Colorado College's must take at least 2 courses beyond 306 at Colorado College in addition to 431 and 432 (if student meets thesis requirements), as well as completing major requirements as described above, to receive a Spanish degree from the college. Students who are not eligible for 432 must take an additional upper division course to satisfy the 10-unit Spanish major requirement and the 11-12 unit Romance Languages Spanish major requirement.

Transferring students and students who have taken the Advanced Placement (AP) examination should contact the department before taking any language or literature course, since some of the requirements for the major may be waived.

The Minor: (Revised 4/14/14)

(5 units beyond SP201)

All students who wish to minor in Spanish must complete 5 units beyond SP201.  The prerequisite for admission to the minor is SP201 (2 units) or equivalent.  Students must complete a minimum of five courses, including the following:  305, 306 and three additional courses from 300-level courses.  College transfer credit will be accepted, but at least three 300-level Spanish courses must be completed at Colorado College.  Up to two units of credit from an unaffiliated program (either study abroad or transfer credit) will be accepted into the minor. SP299 and adjunct courses do not count towards the minor.

The Luso-Brazilian Studies Thematic Minor


An interdisciplinary approach to the study of Luso-Brazilian cultures and civilizations. This concentration is open to the focused or comparative study of Brazil, Portugal, and Lusophone Africa (including Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tome and Príncipe), East Timor, and may include historical studies of Goa. The minor concentration consists of five units: four interdisciplinary units in Luso-Brazilian studies and one unit in Portuguese language that can be fulfilled in many ways.

Luso-Brazilian Studies in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. Students must choose a minimum of two units from among the course offerings listed below; students may fulfill two of the four required interdisciplinary units through courses taken abroad.

Pre-approved cross-listed courses: AN 208 (when taught in Brazil), AN 237, AN 238; HY 221, HY 224, HY 340, PG 320; PG 316; PH 283; PS236, PS 335 and other relevant courses by petition.

LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT: (1 unit beyond PG 101 or equivalent)
Students can fulfill the language requirement in two ways. First, students can take one unit of 300-level Portuguese either through a pre-approved international exchange program or through a CC summer study abroad course. Second, students can complete PG 200 (half-block), and PG 205 (extended format), one unit total, on campus at CC.

INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS: Students will be permitted a maximum of two non-language transfer credits from an approved international exchange program for credit towards the minor and up to three total if language requirement is completed abroad (eg. ACM in Juiz de Fora, Brazil, CIEE in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil). All students will be required to complete five units total towards the minor regardless of language ability upon entrance into the program.