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Language House

Windom Spanish Language HouseWindom House

Windom is the Spanish Language immersion house. Windom serves as a residence for 20 students interested in improving their understanding of both Spanish language and culture. The house has a TV lounge, piano, and full kitchen. Events are organized by the Cultural Program Coordinator in liaison with the Spanish & Portuguese Department.

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The Language House Cultural Program Coordinator (CPC) is a staff member who lives in a language house. In addition to teaching adjunct language courses, the CPC strives to create a sense of community within the house and provides an opportunity for the students living in the house to be immersed in the language and culture. The CPC plans cultural as well as community-building programs.

For more information in International programming, see the Center for Global Education & Field Study page.

Cultural Program Coordinator

Guillermo Gracia SolaGuillermo Photo


My name is Guillermo Gracia. I was born in Zaragoza, Spain, although I come from Soria, a small town some of you might already know due to the summer program.

I studied History at Zaragoza’s University and aimed to teach it in my country. Recently I decided to give it a twist and focus instead on Spanish teaching.

Now I intend to apply everything I know to help students at Colorado College to both improve their language proficiency and acquire knowledge of every Spanish speaking country. I look forward to meeting everyone interested on these matters.

In my leisure time, I love getting to know new places, watching movies and TV series and playing video games.

¡Nos vemos!

Cultural Program Coordinator of the Spanish House

Hosting Department: Spanish & Portuguese

Country of Origin: Spain

2019-2020 academic year

Office:  Armstrong Hall Room 324, x6626