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Department Policies

Spanish Language Placement Policy


Effective March 24, 2014

The Spanish Department wants to place students at the most appropriate language level, based on their previous exposure to Spanish. If a student has never studied Spanish, the test is not required.

Appropriate placement into the Spanish language classes is done via the online placement test, webCAPE. The webCAPE foreign language placement test is a computer adaptive language test authored by Brigham Young University. It consists of a series of multiple-choice questions on vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension. Since it is an adaptive test, the length varies from one individual to another, with an average time of 20 minutes.

Generally, students take this placement exam in the summer before they arrive at Colorado College. If the webCAPE score is more than a year old, the student has the option to retake the test at the beginning of class. On campus, the language placement test in Spanish can be taken in the Keck Computer Lab (Third Floor of Armstrong Hall). Students will enroll in the appropriate language level, as determined by the placement test results. Students may not place themselves, or change their placement without departmental approval.

If the student feels that his/her placement level is too high, we recommend the adjunct classes as a way to review the material before enrolling into the appropriate course. Exceptions will be made only in rare circumstances (Consent of Instructor is required).

The Spanish Department strongly recommends fulfilling the language requirement during freshman or sophomore year.


Placement scores:

Placement into SP 101: 0-276.

Placement into SP 201: 325 - 424; if score is between 277 and 324, SP 103 and SP 104 are recommended before or concurrently.

Placement into SP 305: 425 or above.

                  AP and IB Credit

Academic Credit for College Study during or after Secondary School, International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement

Colorado College recognizes challenging coursework by giving credit for approved Advanced Placement tests (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) work and college courses. No credit is awarded for CLEP tests or for life experience.

Advanced standing credit can be used to satisfy general education requirements where appropriate, to satisfy major requirements where the department allows, and to accelerate graduation. However, accelerated graduation is not mandatory; students are eligible to remain enrolled and receive financial aid for four full-time academic years. The college will award up to eight total units (sophomore standing) in transfer credit to students whose scores meet the criteria. The Registrar’s Office will not award double credit for the same subject earned through different programs (e.g. AP American Literature and IB American Literature).

College Study during Secondary School

Four semester hours or six quarter hours at other institutions are equivalent to one Colorado College unit. The requirements for transferring credit from another institution are as follows:

  1. If taken before secondary school graduation, the course must be above and beyond the requirements for secondary school graduation. You must submit a letter from your secondary school counselor stating that the credit was not needed to fulfill any secondary school graduation requirements.
  2. The course must be taught on-site at a college or university campus and not on a secondary school campus.
  3. The course must be taught by college or university faculty.
  4. The course must be substantially similar to a course currently offered by Colorado College.
  5. You must have received, at a minimum, a “C” or its equivalent in the course.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Evaluation

Colorado College recognizes the special rigors of the International Baccalaureate Degree program. One unit is equivalent to one block.





Higher Level Course

5, 6, 7

2 units

See department for possible placement

Higher Level Course


1 unit


Standard Level Course

5, 6, 7

1 unit

See department for possible placement

Academic Credit for Advanced Placement (AP)             


4, 5

1 unit

Placement into 305





No Credit

Regardless of score, placement test is strongly advised by department to determine placement into 201, 305 or 306.

Transfer Credit Policy

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese does not preapprove courses for transfer credit to count toward the major or minor. Upon completion of courses taken at other institutions, students must submit a copy of the course syllabus and other course materials (i.e., papers, exams, etc.) with their request for transfer credit. Approved courses must be comparable to Department courses. Students may only receive credit for one of two courses that cover the same material. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their Spanish major or minor advisor to discuss study abroad plans and transfer credit.