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The Hulbert Center Press

Established to publish books about the Southwest by people with connections to Colorado College, the Hulbert Center Press has published eleven books and a booklet to date. Seven books are currently in print. 

Poems from the Baca Grande

The Hulbert Center Press is pleased to announce the publication of a new book celebrating the tenth anniversary of Poetry West retreats at the Baca Grande campus located in the San Luis Valley near the town of Crestone. The Baca campus is operated by the Hulbert Center for Southwest Studies. Each year, poets involved in Poetry West meet at the Baca for a few days of writing and renewal. The landscape provides a beautiful inspiration, and the anthology celebrates both poetry and place. This small collection exemplifies the blessings of the Baca and this wonderful area where poets discover what it means to speak. Edited by Sandra McNew and David Mason, this collection features the works of Rebecca Laroche, Jane Wampler, Clark W. Smith, Beth Ann Bassein, Gail Waldstein, Anita Jepson Gilbert, Ron Noel, Liz Lewis, Price Strobridge, Lara Adams Gaydos, Jenn Koiter, Lois Beebe Hayna, Janice Hays, and Hal Gimpelson. The cover portrays the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Price:  $10.99

Modern at Mid-Century: The Early Fifties Houses of Ingraham and Ingraham

By Elaine Freed

Copyright 2003

"Freed's book is a tribute to the work of two remarkable architects; in addition, it provides intelligent insight into the architectural climate of the mid-twentieth century.  It tells us that the history of architecture of that period includes much more than the work of a few well-known designers, and that, in spite of what contemporary critics seem to think, the architectural scene was as rich and complex as that of any other time."–Wim de Wit, The Getty Research Institute

In Modern at Mid-Century, Elaine Freed features four of the Ingraham's Usonian-style houses from the early 1950s.  Through site visits and interviews, Freed captures the experience of building and living in the Frank Lloyd Wright idiom as practiced by the Ingrahams.  This book is a must for lovers of Colorado Springs history.  

Price: $22.95

Images of Historic Southern Colorado

By Mary Jane Massey Rust

Copyright 2002

"This book is a kind of crazy quilt of stories about the people and happenings of southern Colorado’s early days-the kind of sharing of memories that might take place at a family reunion or around a campfire late at night."–Mary Jane Massey Rust

Images of Historic Southern Colorado contains over 150 articles with over 250 illustrations. Drawn from both historical and contemporary sources, the photos and accompanying texts tell a fascinating series of tales of the region, emphasizing the characters, settings, origins, and events that make southern Colorado so historically rich.

Price: $35.95

The San Luis Valley of Colorado: A Geographical Sketch

By Thomas Huber and Robert Larkin

Copyright 1996

This essay outlines the physical and cultural geography of the San Luis Valley and provides two road logs; one traverses the northern part of the valley, while the other explores the central and southern parts of the region. The authors are both professors of geography at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. They employ an interdisciplinary approach, integrating information from the natural and social sciences, and drawing on their experience teaching field-based courses on the Southwest at both UCCS and Colorado College. The book discusses the geology, climate, flora and fauna, and water sources in the valley and presents a sketch of the human history, from prehistoric peoples to the present.

Price: $10.00

Music in the Rubén Cobos Collection of Spanish New Mexican Folklore: A Descriptive Catalogue

Edited by Victoria Lindsay Levine and Amanda Chace

Copyright 1999

The Rubén Cobos Collection of Indo-Hispanic Folklore, an archive of recorded sound, is a major source of Spanish New Mexican music. The archive contains more than 2000 pieces of Spanish New Mexican folklore, collected by Rubén Cobos between 1944 and 1974. The archive is housed in the special collections of the Tutt Library at Colorado College, in the Archive of Folk Song at the Library of Congress, and in the Fine Arts Library at the University of New Mexico. Music in the Cobos Collection provides a descriptive catalogue of the more than 900 musical entries contained in the sound archive.

Price: $19.95

Folk & Church

By Father Thomas J. Steele, S.J.

Copyright 1993

Folk & Church is a collection of essays on the history of the Catholic Church in New Mexico. Topics include an early history of the Spanish conquest and the establishment of the Penitentes; and discussions about early church leaders, including Padre don Antonio Jose Martinez of Taos, Padre Miguel Hidalgo, Padre don Tomas Abeyta, Padre Gallegos, and Pere Machebeuf. Also of note is an essay on the relation of Padre Martinez with Kit Carson. The book concludes with a pair of essays that illustrate Steele's interest in priests and their stories as well as with differentiating literate and folk forms in poetry and song.

Price: $10.00