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The Aficionados Speaker Series Archive

2011-2012 schedule of Aficionados Luncheon Speakers

Oct 17

Michael Trujillo

Professor of Anthropology, University of New Mexico. Topic Land of Disenchantment

Nov 17

Greg Cajete


Building Sustainable Community through Indigenous Research and Education.

Feb 2

Emilie Gray

Assistant. Professor, Biology, Colorado College, “Evolution of thermal tolerance in the mosquito species Culex tarsalis."

Mar 1

Michelle Companion

(WES luncheon)

Low Income Urban Native American families on food access and healthier food options. Co-sponsored with WES.

Mar 28

Santiago Guerra


Visiting Asst. Professor, Colorado College, SWS, "Drug War Combatants: Escalating Militarization on the South Texas-Mexico Border"

2010-2011 schedule of Aficionados Luncheon Speakers


Oct 13

Eric Popkin

CC Dean of Summer Programs & Associate Professor of Sociology "Reflections on Immigration on the US-Mexico Border:  An Examination of Migrant Life, Militarization, and Social Organization in Southern Arizona"

Dec 8

Stanley Crawford

Norman Lecturer

New Mexico novelist and farmer inspired by work as a farmer and water user and official on an acequia --one of a system of irrigation ditches in Northern New Mexico still guided by traditions imported from Spain during the Conquest.

Mar 9

Sally Meyer

(WES luncheon)

CC Director of Southwest Studies & Professor of Chemistry & Environmental Sciences "Service Through Learning: Student Energy Projects in the Southwest"

May 4

Eric Perramond

CC Chair of Environmental Science & Associate Professor of EV & Southwest Studies "Blood in the waters: The scale of river governance in New Mexico"